Bolivia Team Colours

Primera División (First Level)

Team                        City                      Shirt                       Short    Socks

Aurora                      Cochabamba                sky blue with white edges   white    sky blue
Blooming                    Santa Cruz de la Sierra   sky blue with white edges   blue     white
Bolívar                     La Paz                    sky blue with white edges   sky blue sky blue
Destroyers                  Santa Cruz de la Sierra   yellow with black edges     black    yellow
Jorge Wilstermann           Cochabamba                red with blue edges         blue     white
La Paz F.C.                 La Paz                    red with broad blue stripe  blue     white
Oriente Petrolero           Santa Cruz de la Sierra   green & white stripes       green    green
Real Potosí [1]             Potosí                    white with violet edges     white    white
San José                    Oruro                     white with blue "V"         blue     blue
The Strongest               La Paz                    black & yellow stripes      black    yellow
Unión Central               Tarija                    green with white edges      white    green
Universitario               Sucre                     red with blue hoop          red      blue

[1] Former Real Bamín

Some important teams in lower level leagues

31 de Octubre               La Paz                    white with green stripes          green   white
Always Ready                La Paz                    white with red sash               black   white
Atlético Pompeya            Trinidad                  red with white sash               black   white
Bolivar Nimbles             Oruro                     red & white stripes               red     red
Chaco Petrolero             La Paz                    green and white striped           green   green
Ciclón                      Tarija                    green and white stripes           green   white
Dep. Zuraca                 La Paz                    violet with white edges           white   white
Don Bosco                   La Paz                    blue & white stripes              blue    blue
Fancesa [2]                 Cochabamba                red & black stripes               white   white
Guabirá                     Montero                   red with white sleeves            red     red
Independiente Petrolero     Sucre                     red & white stripes               red     white
Ingenieros                  Oruro                     white with blue edges             white   white
Litoral                     La Paz                    red, green & narrow white stripes white   green
Mariscal Braun              Potosí                    black and white stripes           black   white
Municipal                   La Paz                    grenat with white edges           white   white
Orcobol                     Cochabamba                blue with yellow hoop             blue    yellow 
Oruro Royal                 Oruro                     black & white stripes             black   white
Real Santa Cruz             Santa Cruz de la Sierra   white with red edge               white   white
Stormers                    Sucre                     blue with white hoop              white   blue
Universidad Iberoamericana  La Paz                    blue with white edges             blue    white
Universitario               Potosí                    red with blue edges               blue    red

[2] FaNCeSA means "Fabrica Nacional de Cementos S.A."

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