Switzerland Team Colours

Season 2011/2012

CLUB                      COLOURS

AXPO Super League

FC Basel                  blue & red stripes/blue/blue
Grasshopper-Club Zürich   blue & white halves/white/white
FC Lausanne-Sport         all blue
FC Luzern                 all dark blue
Neuchâtel Xamax FC        black, red & white V/black/black
Servette FC Genève        claret/blue/claret
FC Sion                   all white
FC Thun 1898              all red
BSC Young Boys Bern       yellow/black/yellow
FC Zürich                 all white, light blue collar & sleeves

Challenge League

FC Aarau                  white, black V/black/black
AC Bellinzona             claret & light blue broad stripes/claret/claret
FC Biel-Bienne            all red
SC Brühl                  green & white halves/green/green
FC Chiasso                red & blue halves/blue/blue
SR Delémont               all yellow
Etoile Carouge FC         navy/white/navy
SC Kriens                 white, black V/green/green
FC Locarno                white/black/black
FC Lugano                 black, white V/white/black
Stade Nyonnais            all yellow
FC St. Gallen             green/white/green
FC Vaduz (Liechtenstein)  all red
FC Wil 1900               all white
FC Winterthur             all red
FC Wohlen                 all blue

1. Liga

FC Baden                  red/red/white
FC Balzers (LIE)          yellow & blue/blue/blue
FC Baulmes                blue & white/blue/blue
GC Biaschesi              all white
FC Breitenrain            all white
FC Bulle                  all red
SC Cham                   all red
SC Dornach                yellow & black halves/yellow/yellow
SC Düdingen               all red
FC Echallens              yellow/green/yellow
USV Eschen/Mauren (LIE)   white/blue/blue
FC Fribourg               all white with black collar
FC Gossau                 all blue
FC Grand-Lancy            blue & white stripes/blue/blue
FC Grenchen               white/blue/white
SV Höngg                  all claret, sky blue sleeves
FC Le Mont                all red
ES FC Malley              yellow/black/yellow
FC Martigny-Sports        claret/blue/claret
FC Mendrisio-Stabio       white/black/white
Meyrin FC                 yellow/black/yellow
FC Monthey                red/black/red
FC Münsingen              red & black stripes/black/red
FC Muri AG                all white
SV Muttenz                red/black/red
FC Naters                 all red
BSC Old Boys (Basel)      yellow & black stripes/black/yellow
FC Rapperswil/Jona        all red
FC Schaffhausen           yellow with black sleeves/black/black
FC Schötz                 orange/black/black
FC Serrières              all green
FC Solothurn              red & white stripes/white/white
FC Tuggen                 white/blue/blue
Urania-Genève-Sports      purple/white/purple
FC Wangen b. Olten        red/white/red
SC YF/Juventus (Zürich)   black & white stripes/black/black
Yverdon-Sport FC          all white
SC Zofingen               all red

Lower Divisions

FC Adligenswil            yellow/black/black
FC Ägeri                  white/blue/blue
FC Alle                   white & blue/blue/blue
FC Altstätten             white/red/red
FC Altstetten             green/white/green
FC Ascona                 blue with white/blue/blue
FC Baar                   yellow/black/yellow
SC Balerna                blue & black stripes/black/black
FC Bavois                 all red
AS Bedigliora             light blue/blue/light blue
FC Bex                    all blue
FC Brugg                  white/black/black
SC Buochs                 all white
SC Bümpliz 78             blue/white/blue
FC La Chaux-de-Fonds      yellow/blue/yellow
CS Chênois                all white
Chur 97                   all red
FC Colombier              red with white sleeves/red/red
FC Concordia Basel        all blue
FC Ebikon                 green & white stripes/green/green
FC Echichens              blue & white stripes/blue/white
SC Emmen                  white/black/black
FC Emmenbrücke            yellow/black/yellow
FC Eschenbach             yellow/black/black
FC Forward Morges         red & white stripes/blue/red
FC Frauenfeld             all red
SC Goldau                 all blue
FC Hergiswil              red/black/black
FC Herisau                grey upper & black&white lower part, red collar/black/white
FC Hochdorf               all blue
FC Ibach                  blue & white stripes/blue/blue
FC Kickers Luzern         red & black stripes/black/black
FC Kreuzlingen            all green
FC Küsnacht               all red
FC Küssnacht am Rigi      blue/yellow/blue
FC Langenthal             all yellow
FC La Tour/Le Pâquier     all white
FC Laufen                 black/black/white
FC Liestal                white/red/red
Losone Sportiva           orange/black/black
FC Lutry                  all red
SV Lyss                   all white
AC Malcantone             red/navy/navy
SC Menzingen              green/black/black
FC Olten                  blue/white/blue
Pully Football            all red
FC Red Star (Zürich)      white, red star/green/green
SAR Rivera                green/white/white
FC Rothenburg             all red
FC Ruswil                 all dark blue
FC Sarnen                 all red
FC Savièse                all red
SV Schaffhausen           white/black/white
SC Schöftland             yellow/red/red
FC Seefeld Zürich         white with black sleeves/black/black
FC Sierre                 red with yellow/red/red
FC Signal Bernex          yellow/black/yellow
FC Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy   all red
FC Stans                  red/black/red
SC Steinhausen            green & white/black/white
FC Sursee                 red & white halves/red/red
US Terre Sainte           white with violet/white/white
Vedeggio Calcio           claret/blue/blue
FC Vevey Sports 05        yellow/blue/white
FC Wettingen 93           all blue
FC Windisch               red with white/red/red
Zug 94                    white/blue/white

Defunct Clubs

Lausanne-Sports           white/blue/blue
FC Lugano                 white, black V/white/white
Malcantone Agno           all white
Vevey Sports              yellow/blue/white

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