Venezuela Team Colours

Primera División 2007/2008

Caracas FC                                      Red/black/black
Unión Atlético Maracaibo                        Red&blue stripes/blue/blue
AC Mineros de Guayana                           Black&blue stripes/blue/white
Deportivo Táchira                               Black&yellow stripes/black/black
Zamora FC                                       Black&white broad stripes/black/white
Portuguesa FC                                   Black&red stripes/black/black
Carabobo FC                                     All Maroom
Aragua FC                                       Yellow/red/red
Trujillanos FC                                  Maroom&red stripes/yellow/yellow
Monagas SC                                      Red&blue stripes/blue/blue
Atlético El Vigía FC                            Yellow/green/green
Guaros de Lara FC                               Red&Black halves/black/black
Estudiantes FC                                  White&red stripes/blue/red
Unión Lara FC                                   All red
Deportivo Anzoátegui SC                         Yellow(red)/red/yellow
Llaneros de Guanare FC                          Green&blue stripes/blue/white
Estrella Roja FC                                All red
Deportivo Italia FC                             All blue

Segunda División 2007/2008 (2nd level)

Zulia FC                                        Black&blue broad stripes/blue/blue
UCLA FC                                         Yellow(green sleeves)/ green /white
Polícia de Lara FC                              All red
Atletico Turen                                  White(blue&yellow edges)/blue/blue
Atletico Trujillo                               Red/red/white
AC Minerven FC Bolívar                          All blue
Carabobo FC                                     All Maroom
Centro-Italo Venezuelano FC                     All White(blue trim)
UCV FC                                          Blue&Yellow halves(red sleeves)/red/red
Atletico PDVSA-Gas FC                           All blue
America FC *out                                 White(black)/black/white
Baralt FC                                       All red

Segunda División B 2007/2008 (3rd level)

Cenfemaca FC                                    Sky blue/black/black
UL Municipal de Valera                          Sky green/ red /red
Universitário de Monagas                        Red/white/blue
Hermandad Galega                                All White(sky blue sash)
Atletico Piar                                   Green(yellow trim)/yellow/yellow
Deportivo Barinas                               All White(blue trim)
UA Falcon                                       Yellow/blue/blue
Yaracuyanos FC                                  Red&white stripes/blue/red
Orinoco FC                                      White(black)/black/black
UCV Aragua                                      Blue&Yellow halves(red sleeves)/red/red

Tercera División 2007/2008 (4th level)

Deportivo Tuy                                   Red/black/black
Vencedores de Sucre                             White(yellow sleeves)/black/white
Escuela de Montalbán                            All White(orange trim)
Universidad de Carabobo                         All Maroom
EF Las Américas                                 Green(yellow trim)/green/green
UA Lagunillas                                   All blue
Minasoro FC                                     Yellow/black/black
Fundación Cesarger                              Blue/blue/red
Marineros de Margarita FC                       Green(yellow trim)/yellow/green
Atletico Cojedes                                Orange/orange/blue
Inter Anzoategui                                White(yellow)/black/black

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