Bahrain National Team Coaches

1966    Emad Al-Maawada & Abdul-Salam Alam
1970-74 Hamada El-Sharqawi (Egypt)
1974-75 Danny McLennan (Scotland)
1976    Jack Mansell (England)
1979    Michael Germán (Brazil) 
1979-81 Ljubiša Brocić (Yugoslavia)
1981    Ali Ahmed Farouq
1982-84 Sebastião Pereira de Araújo (Brazil)
1984-86 Keith Burkinshaw (England)
1988    Abdelmajid El-Chetali (Tunisia)
1990    Uli Maslo (West Germany)
1992-93 Sebastião Pereira de Araújo (Brazil)
1994    Ivan (Yugoslavia)
1994    Hamad Rashid Nasser Al-Noyami
1996    Fuad Boshqar 
1997    Josef Hickersberger (Austria)
1998    Ernesto Rosa Guedes (Brazil)
1999    Alexandru Moldovan (Romania)
2000    Salman Sharida
2001-02 Wolfgang Sidka (Germany)
2003-04 Srečko Juričić (Croatia)
2005    Khalil Ebrahim Shewiar 
2005    Wolfgang Sidka (Germany)
2005-06 Luka Peruzović (Croatia)
2006    Senad Krešo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)  [*]
2006-07 Hans-Peter Briegel (Germany)
2007    Senad Krešo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)  [*]
2007-08 Milan Máčala (Czech Republic)

[*] the Bahrain Olympic team (Under-23) coached by Bosnian Senad Krešo 
    was chosen to play the game in the 2007 Asian Cup Qualifying Group 
    against Australia. Bahrain was desperate to secure an Asian Cup final
    berth as group D runners-up behind the Socceroos; to give Bahrain 
    the best chance of achieving that goal, Bahrain football officials 
    opted to leave behind their best and most experienced players and
    keep them fresh for the crucial match against Kuwait one month later,
    the game that would determine who finishes behind Australia. Bahrain
    had brought its under-23 Olympic team, with two over-age players.

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