Iraq National Team Coaches

1951            Dhia Habib 
1957            Ismail Mohammed
1959            Shawqi Aboud
1959            Hadi Abbas
1963-1964       Shawqi Aboud
1964            Adil Basher
1965            Shawqi Aboud
1966            Adil Basher
1967            Jalil Shihab
1968            Abdelilah Mohammed Hassan
1968            Adil Basher
1968-1969       Ljubomir Kokeza (Yugoslavia)
1969-1971       Dr. Yuri Illichev (USSR)
1971-1972       Adil Basher
1972            Abdelillah Mohammed Hassan
1972            Adil Basher
1973            Teleki Gyula (Hungary)
1973        [1] Thamir Muhsin  
1974            Wathiq Naji
1974            Jalil Shihab
1974            Thamir Muhsin
1975            Wathiq Naji
1975-1976       Danny McLennan (Scotland)
1976-1977       Lenko Grčić “Gaga” or “Kaka” (Yugoslavia)
1977        [2] Dr.Jamal Salih
1978            Lenko Grčić “Gaga” or “Kaka” (Yugoslavia)
1978-1980       Emmanuel “Ammo” Baba
1980            Wathiq Naji
1980            Anwar Jassam
1981            Vojo Gardašević “Voja” (Yugoslavia)
1981        [3] Douglas Aziz
1981-1984       Emmanuel “Ammo” Baba
1984-1985       Akram Salman Ahmed & Anwar Jassam
1985            Akram Salman Ahmed
1985        [4] Anwar Jassam
1985            Wathiq Naji
1985-1986       Jorge Vieira (Brazil)
1986            Edu Antunes Coimbra (Brazil)
1986        [5] Zé Mario (Brazil)
1986            Edu Antunes Coimbra (Brazil)
1986            Evaristo de Macedo (Brazil)
1986            Akram Salman Ahmed
1987-1988       Emmanuel “Ammo” Baba
1988        [6] Dr.Jamal Salih
1988-1989       Emmanuel “Ammo” Baba
1989            Dr.Jamal Salih
1989-1990       Anwar Jassam (Technical Director) – Coaches: Hazim Jassam & 
                                                             Adil Yousef
1990            Yuri Morozov (USSR)
1992-1993       Adnan Dirjal
1993            Emmanuel “Ammo” Baba
1995-1996       Anwar Jassam
1996            Emmanuel “Ammo” Baba
1996-1997       Yahya Alwan
1997            Ayoub Odisho
1997            Emmanuel “Ammo” Baba
1998-1999       Akram Salman Ahmed
1999            Najih Humoud
2000            Adnan Hamad                    
2000-2001       Milan Živadinović (Yugoslavia)              
2001            Adnan Hamad                               
2001-2002       Rudolf Belin (Croatia)                     
2002            Adnan Hamad                    
2002-2004       Bernd Stange (Germany)             
2004            Adnan Hamad                    
2005-2007   [7] Akram Salman Ahmed (Technical Director)
2007            Jorvan Vieira (Brazil)            


[1] Thamir Muhsin the coach of the Iraq youth team took a young side with
    5 senior national players to take part in the Palestine Cup in Libya. 
[2] Jamal Salih coached the Iraq B team at the 1977 Merdeka Tournament 
[3] Vojo Gardašević’s assistant Douglas Aziz took over for the last 1982 
    World Cup qualifying match against Syria after the Yugoslav coach returned
    back to Belgrade after hearing about the death of his mother.
[4] Anwar Jassam was appointed coach of the Iraq B team that took part in the 
    1985 Pan Arab Games and Arab Cup. 
[5] Brazilian Zé Mario was appointed coach of the Iraq B team for the 8th Gulf
    Cup in Bahrain. 
[6] Jamal Salih coached the Iraqi team for the first two matches at the 1988
    Arab Cup against Tunisia and Lebanon. 
[7] Akram Salman Ahmed was named as technical director, with Rahim Hamed and 
    Thair Ahmed as assistant coaches. Thair Ahmed later resigned after only 
    six days and was replaced with Sabah Abdul-Jalil, who left to take over as 
    coach of Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya at the end of 2005, Saad Toma took his place for
    a while during the 2005 West Asian Games. 

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