Kenya National Team Coaches

1961    Ray Bachelor (England)
1966    Jack Gibbons (England)
1967    Elijah Lidonde
1971    Eckhard Krautzun (West Germany)
1972    Jonathan Niva (Player-Coach)
1975    Ray Wood (England)
1979    Gregory Palakov (Poland)
1979    Stephen Yongo
1980-83 Marshall Mulwa
1984    Bernhard Zgoll (West Germany)
1987    Reinhard Fabisch (West Germany)
1988    Christopher Makokha
1988-90 Mohammed Kheri
1992    Gerry Saurer (Austria)
1995    Mohammed Kheri
1996    Vojo Gardasevic (Yugoslavia)
1997    Reinhard Fabisch (Germany)
1998    Abdul Majid 
1998    Christian Chukwu (Nigeria)
1999-00 James Aggrey "Abawa" Siang'a
2001-02 Reinhard Fabisch (Germany)
2002    Joe Kadenge
2003-04 Jacob "Ghost" Mulee 
2004-05 Twahir Muhiddin 
2005    Mohammed Kheri
2005    Jacob "Ghost" Mulee 

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