Morocco National Team Coaches

1957 Larbi Ben Barek
1959 Mohammed Khamiri
1959 Abdelkader Lokhmiri
1960 Larbi Ben Barek
1961 Kader Firoud (Algeria)
1961-1963 Mohammed Massoun   *
1963-1967 Mohammed Massoun & Abderrahman Bel-Mahjoub
1967 Abderrahman Bel-Mahjoub
1968-1969 Guy Cluzeau (France) & Abdellah Settati 
1969 Abdellah Settati   **
1970 Blagoje Vidinic (Yugoslavia)
1971-1972 José Barinaga (Spain)
1972 Abdellah Settati
1972-1973 Abderrahman Bel-Mahjoub
1974-1978 Gheorge Mãrdãrescu (Romania)
1978 Abdellah El-Ammari
1979 Guy Cluzeau (France)
1979-1981 Just Fontaine (Morocco-France)
1980 Jebrane & Yabram Hamidouch   ***
1981 Yabram Hamidouch
1982 Abdellah El-Ammari
1983 Jaime Valente (Brazil)
1983-1988 José "Mehdi" Faria (Brazil)
1988-1989 Jaime Valente (Brazil)
1989-1990 Antonio Valentín "Angelino Angelillo" (Argentina-Italy)
1990 Abdellah Ajr "Blinda"
1990 Abdelghani El-Naciri
1990-1992 Olk Werner (West Germany)
1992 Abdelkhalek Louzani
1993 Abdellah Ajr "Blinda" 
1994 Mohammed Lamari 
1995 Gilson Siquieira Nunes (Brazil)
1995-2000 Henri Michel (France)   ****
2000 Henri Kasperczak (Poland)
2001 Mustapha Madih
2002 Humberto Coelho (Portugal)
2002-2005 Ezaki Badou
2005 Phillipe Troussier (France)
2006 M’hammed Fakhir

   * With Ahmed Antitif as manager.

  ** In November 1969, only a few months before the World Cup, Guy Cluzeau was 
     hospitalised after a serious cardiac attack, his assistant Abdallah 
     Settati took over before Blagoje Vidinic was appointed to replace Cluzeau.

 *** The duo of Jebrane and Hamidouch coached the team at the 1980 African Cup 
     of Nations with Just Fontaine recovering in hospital.

**** With Frenchmen Michel Hidalgo as technical director.

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