U-19 Tournament in Altstätten (Switzerland)

Friendly tournament played at Sportanlage GESA in Altstätten (Kanton St.Gallen, Switzerland)


1998  Vorarlberg  Sel.(Austria)
2000  FC St.Gallen
2002  Ituano São Paulo
2004  Blackburn Rovers
2006  Bayer Leverkusen
2008  America FC


[May 22-23]

Borussia M'gladbach	2-2 Malmö FF
Borussia M'gladbach	3-1 Grasshopper-Club
Borussia M'gladbach	2-0 FC Altstätten
Malmö FF		0-0 Grasshopper-Club
Malmö FF		2-0 FC Altstätten
Grasshopper-Club	0-0 FC Altstätten

Espoir de Yaoundé	0-0 Vorarlberg Sel.
Espoir de Yaoundé	2-0 Derby County
Espoir de Yaoundé	0-0 FC St.Gallen
Vorarlberg Sel.		0-0 Derby County
Vorarlberg Sel.		1-0 FC St.Gallen
Derby County		3-1 FC St.Gallen

Vorarlberg Sel.		2-0 Borussia M'gladbach
Espoir de Yaoundé	2-2 Malmö FF			[5-4 pen]

Vorarlberg Sel.		3-1 Espoir de Yaoundé
Borussia M'gladbach	3-2 Malmö FF
Derby County		1-0 Grasshopper-Club ZH
FC St.Gallen		3-0 FC Altstätten


[May 2-3]

FC St.Gallen		0-0 PSV Eindhoven
FC St.Gallen		1-0 Jomo Cosmos
FC St.Gallen		3-0 Vorarlberg Sel.
PSV Eindhoven		2-1 Jomo Cosmos
PSV Eindhoven		1-0 Vorarlberg Sel.
Jomo Cosmos		4-0 Vorarlberg Sel.

Nottingham Forest	1-0 AIK Solna
Nottingham Forest	2-0 USA Sel.
Nottingham Forest	1-0 FC Altstätten
AIK Solna		4-1 USA Sel.
AIK Solna		0-0 FC Altstätten
USA Sel.		2-0 FC Altstätten

FC St.Gallen		3-0 AIK Solna
Nottingham Forest	0-0 PSV Eindhoven		[4-2 pen]

FC St.Gallen		2-1 Nottingham Forest
PSV Eindhoven		2-1 AIK Solna
Jomo Cosmos		1-0 USA Sel.
FC Altstätten		2-2 Vorarlberg Sel.		[5-4 pen]


[May 10-11]

FC St.Gallen		1-0 Ituano Sao Paulo
FC St.Gallen		0-0 Nottingham Forest
FC St.Gallen		2-1 FC Altstätten
Ituano Sao Paulo	2-0 Nottingham Forest
Ituano Sao Paulo	5-0 FC Altstätten
Nottingham Forest	2-0 FC Altstätten

Sparta Praha		2-0 1.FC Nürnberg
Sparta Praha		0-0 PSV Eindhoven
Sparta Praha		2-0 Vorarlberg Sel.
1.FC Nürnberg		2-0 PSV Eindhoven
1.FC Nürnberg		0-0 Vorarlberg Sel.
PSV Eindhoven		5-1 Vorarlberg Sel.

Ituano Sao Paulo	1-0 Sparta Praha
1.FC Nürnberg		3-0 FC St.Gallen

Ituano Sao Paulo	2-0 1.FC Nürnberg
FC St.Gallen		1-1 Sparta Praha		[4-3 pen]
PSV Eindhoven		4-1 Nottingham Forest
Vorarlberg Sel.		1-1 FC Altstätten		[4-3 pen] 


[May 21-22]

FC Nania		1-1 Blackburn Rovers
FC Nania		1-1 America FC
FC Nania		2-0 FC St.Gallen
Blackburn Rovers	1-1 America FC
Blackburn Rovers	0-0 FC St.Gallen
America FC		0-0 FC St.Gallen

CA Boca Juniors		1-1 AGF Aarhus
CA Boca Juniors		3-0 FC Luzern
CA Boca Juniors		4-0 FC Altstätten
AGF Aarhus		0-0 FC Luzern
AGF Aarhus		3-0 FC Altstätten
FC Luzern		1-0 FC Altstätten

FC Nania		1-0 AGF Aarhus
Blackburn Rovers	2-1 CA Boca Juniors

Blackburn Rovers	1-1 FC Nania			[4-2 pen]
CA Boca Juniors		1-1 AGF Aarhus			[7-6 pen]
America FC		1-0 FC Luzern
FC St.Gallen		1-0 FC Altstätten


[May 26-28]

FC Nania		1-0 Bayer Leverkusen
FC Nania		2-2 Cruzeiro Esporte
FC Nania		3-0 FC Altstätten
Bayer Leverkusen 	0-0 Cruzeiro Esporte 	
Bayer Leverkusen 	2-1 FC Altstätten
Cruzeiro Esporte	1-1 FC Altstätten

Atlas Guadalajara	0-0 Blackburn Rovers
Atlas Guadalajara	1-0 AGF Aarhus
Atlas Guadalajara	3-1 FC St. Gallen
Blackburn Rovers	1-1 AGF Aarhus
Blackburn Rovers	0-0 FC St. Gallen
AGF Aarhus		0-0 FC St. Gallen

Bayer Leverkusen 	2-1 Atlas Guadalajara
FC Nania		4-2 Blackburn Rovers

Bayer Leverkusen 	1-0 FC Nania
 [50 Deniz Öztürk]
Atlas Guadalajara	3-1 Blackburn Rovers
Cruzeiro Esporte	1-0 AGF Aarhus
FC St. Gallen		4-0 FC Altstätten


[May 2-3]

America FC		1-1 FC St. Gallen
America FC		3-0 FC Altstätten
America FC		0-0 Borussia Dortmund
FC St. Gallen		4-3 FC Altstätten
FC St. Gallen		1-1 Borussia Dortmund
FC Altstätten		2-1 Borussia Dortmund

Bröndby IF		2-0 Blackburn Rovers
Bröndby IF		1-0 Slavia Sofia
Bröndby IF		0-0 BSC Young Boys
Blackburn Rovers	4-0 Slavia Sofia	
Blackburn Rovers	0-0 BSC Young Boys
Slavia Sofia		2-0 BSC Young Boys	

America FC		1-0 Blackburn Rovers
Bröndby IF		1-0 FC St. Gallen

America FC		3-0 Bröndby IF
Blackburn Rovers	1-0 FC St. Gallen
FC Altstätten		1-1 Slavia Sofia		[5-4 pen]
Borussia Dortmund	2-1 BSC Young Boys

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