Some Information on the Early History of Football in Argentina

First Match

The first match recorded in Argentina (by the newspaper "The Standard"): June 20, 1867. White caps: Thomas Hogg, James Hogg, W. Forrester, T.B.Smith, J.W.Bond, E.S.Smith, J.Rabsbottom and N.B.Smith. Red caps: William Heald, T.R.Best, U.Smith, H.J.Barge, H.Willmont, R.M.Ramsay, J.Simpson and W.Boschetti. Note: Only 8 players by team. Organizer: Buenos Aires Cricket Club. Field: Palermo. Venue: Buenos Aires.

The Derby of the Río de la Plata: First "Inter-Cities" Matches

Since the Buenos Aires Cricket Club was the first one founded in Argentina (playing football), it organized the first international "cities" match, as no association had been founded yet: Buenos Aires vs. Montevideo. The Uruguayan team was organized by the Montevideo Cricket Club. August 15, 1889. Venue: Montevideo. Field: La Blanqueada. Buenos Aires 3-0 Montevideo. Other matches between Buenos Aires and Montevideo teams: June 6, 1890. Venue: Hurlingham. Field: Hurlingham. Buenos Aires 2-1 Montevideo. Argentine organizer: Saint Andrew's. May 25, 1891. Venue: Montevideo. Field: La Blanqueada. Argentine organizer: the first Argentine Association Football League. August 8, 1892. Venue: Buenos Aires. Field: Palermo. Buenos Aires 4-1 Montevideo. Argentine organizer: Buenos Aires Football Club. August 8, 1893. Venue: Montevideo. Field: La Blanqueada. Buenos Aires 2-1 Montevideo. Argentine organizer: The Argentine Association Football League (current AFA). August 25, 1894. Venue: Buenos Aires. Field: Flores Polo Club. Buenos Aires 3-1 Montevideo. Notes: 1.Players were British in both cities. 2.The first Uruguay Association Football League was founded in 1900.

First League Matches

The first league in Argentina was organized in 1891, with the following final table: 1 Old Caledonians 8 6 1 1 32 11 13 2,91 Saint Andrew's 8 6 1 1 23 12 13 1,92 3 Bs. As. al Ros. Railw.8 3 1 4 15 19 7 4 Belgrano FC 8 2 1 5 9 17 5 5 Buenos Aires FC 8 1 0 7 6 16 2 Bs. As. al Ros. Railw.: Buenos Aires al Rosario Railway. Note that 7 matches were awarded, not played. Hurlingham were inscribed but did not play any matches. Playoff for first place: Saint Andrew's 3-1 Old Caledonians [aet] The playoff was disputed to win the medals, the association considered the title shared, in contrast to general opinion which held Saint Andrew's to be the champions. Line-ups for the first two leagues games: Buenos Aires Football Club 2-5 Saint Andrew's BAFC: Millar; H.Anderson and Morton; Woolley, Macadam and Taylor; Anderson, Rowland, Disbrowe, Guy and Crowe. SA: Norwood; Waters and D.Buchanan; Francis, Barnes and Shaw; Lamont, Moffatt, J.Buchanan, Caldwell and Morgan. Referee: T.Bruce (Buenos Aires English High School). Old Caledonians 6-0 Belgrano Football Club OC: Gibson; Caird and Gifford; Philips, Angus and McEwen; Corner, Whyte, Sutherland, Wilson and Riggs. BFC: Hughes; Davies and Stainford; Bayne, Rivers and Brodie; Hind, David, Lane, Martin and Brodie. Bye: Buenos Aires al Rosario Railway, because Hurlingham abbandoned the tournament without playing any match. Both matches were disputed on April 12, 1891.
Further information on the Argentine league history.

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