Argentina - Honour Champion 1925 (Campeón de Honor 1925)

In the middle of the season 1926 (22 Aug), Huracán (Buenos Aires) won the
Official Championship 1925 of the  Asociación Argentina de Football.
(See Full Tables - Argentina, season 1925).
On July 18, 1926, Boca Juniors was declared "Honour Champion 1925", because in
that season it played an unforgettable tour of several months through Europe
(Spain, Germany and France) and missed 15 matches in the domestic league.

Date    Venue
Mar  5  Vigo                             Real Celta 1-3 Boca Juniors

Mar  8  Vigo                      Galician Combined 3-1 Boca Juniors
                            (Celta, Eiriña, Racing)
Mar 12  La Coruña               Deportivo La Coruña 0-3 Boca Juniors
                   (With players from Irún & Racing)

Mar 15  La Coruña               Deportivo La Coruña 0-1 Boca Juniors
                   (With players from Irún & Racing)
Mar 19  Madrid                   Atlético de Madrid 1-2 Boca Juniors
                   (With players from Bilbao & Irún)

Mar 22  Madrid                       Real de Madrid 0-1 Boca Juniors
           (With players from Irún, Madrid & Racing)

Mar 29  Madrid Sociedad Gimnástica de San Sebastián 0-1 Boca Juniors
                 (With players from Arenas & Madrid)

Apr  2  Irún                             Real Unión 4-0 Boca Juniors

Apr  5  Bilbao                   Athletic de Bilbao 4-2 Boca Juniors
                (With players from Arenas & Osasuna)

Apr 19  Pamplona                       Real Osasuna 0-1 Boca Juniors
                 (With players from Arenas & Bilbao)

Apr 26  Barcelona           Real Deportivo Espanyol 0-1 Boca Juniors

May  1  Barcelona           Real Deportivo Espanyol 0-3 Boca Juniors
                            (With players from Sanz)

May  3  Barcelona                  Catalan Combined 0-2 Boca Juniors
               (Espanyol, Europa, Martingang & Sanz)

May  9  Munich                       Bayern München 1-1 Boca Juniors

May 16  Berlin                      Berlin Combined 0-3 Boca Juniors
                               (Norden & Norwestern)
May 21  Leipzig                    Spielvereinigung 0-7 Boca Juniors

May 24  Frankfurt                Frankfurt Combined 0-2 Boca Juniors
May 27  Frankfurt               Eintracht Frankfurt 0-2 Boca Juniors

Jun  7  Paris                       French Combined 2-4 Boca Juniors
                         (Olympique & Sp. Française)


Boca Juniors            19  15  1  3  40: 16  31 (Buenos Aires)

Antraygues, Ludovico Bidoglio, Busso, Cerrotti, Elli, Garassini, Médici, Ramón
Orlando Mutis, Pertini, Pozzo, Domingo Alberto Tarasconi, Américo Tesorieri.

And players from:
Argentinos Juniors (Luis Vaccaro), El Porvenir (Manuel Seoane), Huracán -
Buenos Aires (Cesáreo Onzari), Rosario Central (Octavio Díaz) and
Tiro Federal - Rosario (Cochrane).

Boca Juniors played the following 7 matches in domestic championship 1925:

Date    Venue        Field                     Home     Away

Aug  8  Buenos Aires Boca Jrs.              Palermo 0-2 Boca Juniors
Sep 13  Buenos Aires Boca Jrs.         Boca Juniors 1-1 General San Martín
Sep 20  Buenos Aires Sp. Barracas Sportivo Barracas 0-1 Boca Juniors
Oct 11  Buenos Aires Boca Jrs.         Boca Juniors 3-0 Boca Alumni
Nov  1  Buenos Aires Arg. Jrs.   Argentinos Juniors 0-2 Boca Juniors
Nov  8  Buenos Aires Boca Jrs.         San Fernando 1-4 Boca Juniors
Nov 11  Buenos Aires Boca Jrs.         Boca Juniors 3-1 Progresista


Antraygues, Ludovico Bidoglio, M. Bidoglio, Cerroti, Dighero, Elli, Fortunato,
Garasino, Médice, Ramón Orlando Mutis, J. Presta, Stábile, Strada, Domingo
Alberto Tarasconi, Tazza and Américo Tesorieri.

Matches not played:                 
All Boys, Alvear, Argentino de Banfield, Argentino de Quilmes, Chacarita
Juniors, Colegiales, Del Plata, El Porvenir, Huracán (BA), Nueva Chicago,
Porteño, Spotivo Dock Sud, Sportsman, Temperley and Universal.

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