Azerbaijan - List of Second Level Champions

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Year    Winners                               Runners-up 
1992    Zabrat, Nicat Maştağa                 Azneftyağ, Kr Samux 
1993    Avtomobili Yevlax, Polad Sumqayıt    Xzri Buzovna, Pambıqı Neftala 
1993/94 Zabrat, Metallurq Sumqayıt            Azneftyağ, MOIK 
1994/95 Şmkir                                MOIK 
1995/96 Xzr Sumqayıt                        inar 
1996/97 AZAL                                  inar 
1997/98 Şahdağ Qusar                          Şfa 
1999/00 Spartak Quba                          Araz Naxıvan 
2000/01 MOIK                                  mid Bakı 
2001/02 Lokomotiv İmişli                      Xzr Sumqayıt 
2003/04 Gnclrbirliyi                        Gyzn Qazax 
2004/05 AZAL                                  Energetik 
2005/06 Qbl                                Simurq 
2006/07 MOIK                                  Bakılı 
2007/08 MOIK                                  Bakılı 
2008/09 ABN Brd                             Şahdağ Qusar 
2009/10 Kpz                                 MOIK 
2010/11 Abşeron                               Rvan 
2011/12 Qaradağ                               Karvan 
2012/13 Ağsu                                  Qaradağ 
2013/14 Araz Naxivan                         Neftchala
2014/15 Neftchala                             Ağsu   
2015/16 Neftchala                             Qaradağ  
2016/17 Turan Tovuz                           Sbail  
2017/18 Xzr Bakı                            Qaradağ  

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