Azerbaijan - List of Foundation Dates

1930        Temp Baku                   [dissolved]
1937        FK Neftçi Baki              [founded as Neftyanik Baku]  
1939        FK Baki                     [founded as Polis Akademy Baku]  
1954        PFK Turan Tovuz      
1955        FK MOIK Baki                [founded as DO Baku] 
1959        PFK Gäncä                   [founded as Tekstilshik Kirovabad]
            FK Shamkir
1961        FK Shakhdag Guba            [founded as Spartak Guba]
1963        PFK Bakili Baki             [founded as Araz Baku]
1966        FK Energetik Mingechaur     [founded as Tekstilshik Mingechaur] 
1968        Qarabagh FK Agdam
            FK Dashgyn Zagataly 
1971        FK Plastik Salyany          [founded as Khimik Salyany]
1980        FK Energetik Ali Bairamly
1985        FK Inshaatchi Baki          [founded as Stroitel Baku]
1986        FC Göjazan Qazakh
1989        FK Inshaatchi Sabirabad
1990        FK Avei Akstafi
            FK Umud Dzhalilabad
            FK Kurmuk Qakh
            FK Sahdag-Samur Qusar       [founded as Sahdag Kusary] 
            FK Shirvan Kyurdamir 
            FK Shirvan Shemaka          [founded as Inshaatchi Shemaka] 
            FK Boz Gurd Samukh          [founded as Kyur Samukh]
1991        FC Azeri Baki
            FK Chyrakgala Skazan 
            FK Azneftjag Baki           [founded as Taraggi Baku]  
1992        FK Khazar Lenkoran
            FK Vilyazh Masally
            FK Nidzhat Mashtagi 
            FK Khazar  Sumgait          [founded as Metallurg Sumgait]
            ANS Pivani Baki             [founded as Baki Fekhlesi Mashtagi]
            FK Pambygchi Neftechala 
            FK Khazri Buzovna Baki      [founded as Khazri Buzovna; dissolved 1998] 
            FF Qarabagh Barda           [founded as Pambygchi Barda]
1995        FK Farid Baki               [dissolved 1997]
1997        FK Safa Baki                [other source: 1998]
            Inter Baki FC               [founded as Khazar Universiteti Baku] 
2001        Adliyye Baki

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