Trofeo Benito Villamarín 1960 (Sevilla)

Friendly tournament played in Sevilla in May 1960 organised by 
Real Betis.

Real Betis               (Spain)
BV Borussia Dortmund   (Germany)
Real Madrid CF           (Spain)
Bolton Wanderers       (England)

Semifinals [May 26,27]
Real Madrid C	3-0 BV Borussia Dortmund
   [1-0 Di Stéfanol 47´, 2-0 Vidal 52´, 3-0 Puskas 80´.]
Real Madrid: Domínguez; Marquitos, Santamaría, Pachín (Miche 80´); Vidal, Zárraga; 
             Canario, Del Sol, Di Stéfano (Didí 73´), Puskas, Bueno. 
B. Dortmund: Kwialkowski; Burgmuller, Kihlbassa, Brach; Steinkuih, 
             Peters; Cyliax, Schmidt, Schut, Konietzka, Pritz. 
Real Betis	2-1 Bolton Wanderers 
  [1-0 Kuzmann 20´, 2-0 Lasa 57´, 2-1 Deakin 77´].
Real Betis:  Otero; Azcueta, Ríos, Santos; Areta, Valderas; 
             Lasa, Kuzmann,Rojas, Gargallo, Azpeitia.
Bolton Wand: Hopkinson; Kartle, Higgins, Banks; Stanley, 
             Cunliffe; Butch, Deakin, Seterens, Parry, Holden.

Third place match [May 28]
B. Dortmund  	3-2 Bolton Wanderers
  [0-1 Stevens 18´, 1-1 Schmidt 30´, 2-1 Schmidt 31´,
   2-2 Stevens 54´, 3-2 Konietzka].
B. Dortmund: Kwialkowski; Burgsmuller, Bracht, Steinkuih; Kihlbassa,
             Piters; Cyliax, Schmidt, Konietzka, Pritz.
Bolton Wand: Hopkinson; Hartle, Banks, Heenin; Higgins, Edwards;
             Birch, Deakin, Stevens, Parry, Holden.

Final [May 29] 
Real Betis	0-1 Real Madrid CF
  [0-1 Pepillo 72´.]
Real Betis:  Otero; Azcueta, Ríos, Santos; Portu, Vila; Gargallo, 
             Kuzmann, Rojas (Pallarés 59´) Azpeitia (Lasa 24´).
Real Madrid: Domínguez; Marquitos, Santamaría, Pachín; Vidal, Zárraga, Canario, 
             Del Sol (Pepillo 63´), Di Stéfano, Puskas, Bueno (Herrera 59´).

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