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    Copa de Campeones y Subcampeones CONCACAF 1984

    Northern/Central Section
    NB: northern and central sections combined to qualify one team for the final.
    Round 1
    (Mar 15 & Apr 1)
    Sagrada Familia          CRi  Suchitepéquez            Gua   0-0  1-1  1-1  5-3p
    (Mar 21 & Apr 25)
    Universidad              Hon  Puebla                   Mex   0-0  1-2  1-2z
      [Muricy Ramalho 30, 66; Domingo Drummond 52]
    (Mar 25 & Apr 1)
    Comunicaciones           Gua  Deportivo FAS            ElS   1-1  2-0  3-1
      [Byron Pérez 34pen; José Luis Rugamas 80]
    (Apr 6 & 28)
    NY Pancyprian Freedoms   USA  Hotels International     Ber      w/o       x
    (Apr 8 & 25)
    Águila                   ElS  Guadalajara              Mex   2-4  0-3  2-7y
      [Bautista González 35, 55; Eduardo de la Torre 60, Luis Manuel Díaz 62, 
       Jaime Pajarito 80, Jaime León 84]    
      [Ricardo Pérez 10, Roberto Gómez Junco 20, Samuel Rivas 73]
    (Apr 21 & 28)
    Chirilanco FC            Pan  Jacksonville Tea Men     USA   0-0  0-4  0-4
    Vida                     Hon  Chorrillo FC             Pan      w/o       x
    x Hotels International and Chorrillo FC withdrew
    y 2nd leg abandoned in 85' due to fighting; result stood
    z Universidad in fact were the Honduras national team
    Round 2 
    (May 19 & 30)
    Vida                     Hon  Sagrada Familia          CRi   1-0  1-0  2-0
      [Matilde Lacayo 36]
      [Luis Zúñiga 75]
    (Jun 17 & 19)
    NY Pancyprian Freedoms   USA  Puebla                   Mex   0-0  2-2  2-2y 4-2p
      [Luis Antonio Brito 28, Enrique López Zarza 110; Kisonergis 30, Christofi 95]
    Guadalajara              Mex  Jacksonville Tea Men     USA      w/o       x
    Comunicaciones           Gua  bye
    x Jacksonville Tea Men withdrew
    y both legs in New York
    Round 3
    (Sep 29 & Oct 2)
    NY Pancyprian Freedoms   USA  Vida                     Hon   1-1  1-1  2-2x 5-3p
      [Emilio Martínez (og); Jesús Carías]
      [Matilde Lacayo; Jeff Onisifourou]
    (Sep 30 & Oct 31)
    Comunicaciones           Gua  Guadalajara              Mex   0-0  1-4  1-4
      [José Manuel de la Torre 28, Néstor de la Torre 45, 70, Javier Cárdenas 47;
       Romeo Álvarez 75]
    x both legs in New York
    Round 4
    NY Pancyprian Freedoms   USA  Guadalajara              Mex   n/p          x
    x originally scheduled to be played over one leg on Jan 22, 1985 at the
      Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles; later postponed to be played in March
      but on Feb 27 both clubs were disqualified
    Caribbean Section
    Round 1
    (Mar 22 & Apr 15)
    Aigle Noir               Hai  Victory Boys             DAn   0-0  0-1  0-1
    (Apr 1 & May 9)
    SUBT                     DAn  Cygne Noir               Gdl   0-0  1-1  1-1x
    x both clubs disqualified
    other fixtures not known but apparently the following clubs also entered:
       Saint George's (Cayman Islands), CS Moulien (Guadeloupe),
       RC Rivière Pilote (Martinique), Guayama Cruz Azul (Puerto Rico),
       Defence Force (Trinidad and Tobago), Violette AC (Haiti) and
       ASL Sports (reportedly from Trinidad and Tobago but may be 
       ASL Sport Guyanais from French Guyana); Robinhood and Transvaal
       (both Surinam) were registered too late.
    Round 2 (Sep 13 & 16)
    Violette AC              Hai  Victory Boys             DAn   3-0  3-0  6-0x
    x both matches apparently played on Haiti
    other fixtures not known
    Round 3 (Oct 1 & 21)
    ASL Sports               Tri? Violette AC              Hai   0-0  2-2  2-2x
    x results 1st leg in doubt; Violette AC progressed
    On Feb 27, 1985, Violette AC declared winners after both Guadalajara and New York
    Pancyprian Freedoms were disqualified over their failure to agree on match dates
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