China - List of Women Champions

list of final tables

Invitation Tournaments

1982    Shaanxi
1983    Jilin

NB: the winners of those two invitation tournaments are sometimes listed
    as national champions; the 1983 edition ranked under the Championship
    (see below) in prestige.

Championship (Jinjisai)

1983    Shaanxi
1984    Liaoning
1985    Tianjin
1986    Changchun
1987      not held
1988    Beijing Hongshi
1989    Beijing Siji
1990    Beijing
1991    Beijing
1992    Beijing
1993      not held
1994    Shanghai 
1995    Shanghai 
1996    Shanghai
1997-2001 not held
2002    Shanghai SVA
2003    Shanghai SVA
2004    Shanghai SVA
2005    Dalian Shide
2006    Beijing Tiaotai
2007    Dalian Shide    
2008    Jiangsu Huatai    

League (Liansai)

1994    Dalian
1995    Shanghai 
1996    Shanghai Yuandong
1997    Shanghai Yuandong
1998-2001 no data available
2002    Beijing Chengjian    
2003    Shanghai SVA  
2004    Shanghai SVA  
2005    Sichuan Jiannanchun (2nd level)
2006    Shaanxi (2nd level)

NB: in 1997 the league presumably served as qualifying tournament for
    the inaugural Premier League (as in 2002); from 1994 to 1996 it was 
    the most prestigious tournament of the season, ranking above the 

Premier League

1997    Guangdong Haiyin
1998    Shanghai Yuandong
1999    Beijing Chengjian   
2000    Shanghai STV Youlizi 
2001    Shanghai STV
2002    Beijing Chengjian 
2003    Shanghai SVA

NB: the Premier League requires home and away matches between teams, and 
    thus they need their own stadium and club set-up. Hence the importance 
    accorded to this tournament. 

Super League

2004    Shanghai SVA 
2005    Shanghai SVA 
2006    Shanghai SVA
2007    Tianjin Huisen 
2008    Dalian Shide 
2009    Jiangsu Huatai  
2010    Shanghai STV
2011    Shanghai STV
2012    Dalian Shide 
2013    Dalian Shide 
2014    Shanghai SVA
2015    Shanghai SVA
2016    Dalian Aerbin
2017    Dalian Aerbin
2018    Jiangsu Sunin

NB: Premier League renamed Super League before 2004 season.

National Games

The National Games are a multi-sport event. 

Year    Winners                                 Venue
1987    Beijing                                 Guangzhou
1993    Henan                                   Beijing 
1997    Shanghai                                Shanghai
2001    Shanghai                                Guangzhou
2005    Beijing                                 Nanjing
2009    Liaoning  
2013                                            Shenyang
2017                                            Tianjin

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