Channel Islands (Women) 2020/21



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Final Table:

 1.Rozel Rovers         12  11  0  1  72-16  33  Champions
 2.Saint Lawrence       12   9  0  3  39-25  27
 3.Jersey Wanderers     12   7  0  5  73-30  21
 4.Portuguese United    12   1  2  9   8-56   5
 5.Grouville            12   0  2 10   2-67   2

Cup Competitions

Zany l'Abbe Trophy 2021

NB: between the league champions and a team representing the rest of the league

[May 30, Springfield]
Rozel Rovers        1-1 The Rest            [aet, 3-2 pen]
  [Hannah Campbell 74; Louise Van der Vliet 51]
  [penalties: Barnett           0-1, J.Botterill    1-1;
              Corbett (wide)    1-1, Watson (saved) 1-1;
              McLaughlin (over) 1-1, Campbell       2-1;
              Silva             2-2, Tavares        3-2;
              De Castro (wide)  3-2] 
  [Rozel Rovers: Tayah Vasse, Jodie Botterill, Talia Morris, Aine Ruth,
     Danny Da Silva (c), Ana-Lucia Melim (yc 111), Lucy Even, Eve Watson,
     Hannah Campbell, Anita Tavares, Leah Morris; rolling subs: Jude Anquetil,
     Marta Rodrigues; unused subs: Ana Malta (GK), Shannon Webber,
     Nina Camacho; manager: Tim Pryor;
     substitutions: Anquetil for T.Morris 53, Rodrigues for Ruth 69,
                    Ruth for L.Morris 90+4, L.Morris for Even 118;
   The Rest: Maria Neves, Michelle Bichard, Shannon Renouf, Libby Barnett,
     Lucinda Overbury, Sophie Botterill, Jess De Castro (c), Marta Ascencao,
     Rosie Corbett, Louise Van der Vliet, Lisa McLaughlin; rolling subs:
     Sylvie Spinola, Sam Silva, Alice Caboc, Claire Moulson; manager:
     Chris Riley; assistant: Ivan Freitas;
     substitutions: Spinola for Overbury 16, Silva for Ascencao 26,
                    Caboc for Bichard 46, Moulson for De Castro 46,
                    Overbury for Corbett 56, De Castro for Moulson 56,
                    Corbett for Van der Vliet 69, Bichard for McLaughlin 69,
                    Van der Vliet for Overbury 77, McLaughlin for Renouf 77,
                    Renouf for Caboc 107;
     ref: Neil Giannoni; Dan Seviour, Paulo Vieira; Harry Walker]

NB: clubs of The Rest:
St. Lawrence      : Bichard, S.Botterill, De Castro, Corbett, Spinola (plus Riley & Freitas)
Jersey Wanderers  : Renouf, Barnett, Van der Vliet, Silva
Portuguese United : Neves, Ascencao, Caboc
Grouville         : Overbury, McLoughlin, Moulson


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