Guatemala (host) and Costa Rica (holder) qualified automatically.  For the remaining four
places, three regional zones were announced: the North American Zone (Mexico and USA, one to
qualify), the Central American Zone (El Salvador (host), Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama, one
to qualify), and the Caribbean Zone (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Dutch Antilles, Haiti, Jamaica
(host) and Trinidad & Tobago, two to qualify).

A few months before the event CONCACAF revised the dates for the final tournament in
Guatemala, bringing the tournament forward by one month.  This left very little time to
accommodate the qualifying rounds in the calendar which was already busy with World Cup
qualifiers in the same period.

In January several delegates from Caribbean countries met in Jamaica during World Cup
qualifying matches held there, and cabled a proposal to CONCACAF's executive committee that:
 (i) Mexico and the USA should be added to the Central American Zone, with the top two
     countries in that zone to qualify, in order that all the qualifying process would
     be more balanced, and
(ii) the final tournament in Guatemala would be put back to the original dates (25th April
     to 9th May) so that there would be sufficient time to play the qualifying zones.
     CONCACAF did not reply to this proposal, rejecting it implicitly, so Jamaica, Trinidad
     and Tobago and the Dominican Republic withdrew.

The remaining teams in the Caribbean Zone (Haiti, Cuba, and the Dutch Antilles) were due to
play a triangular in Curaçao beginning 14th March, but a few days beforehand it was announced
by the Guatemalan hosts that visas would not be issued to the Cubans and that effectively
Cuba would be excluded from participating in the finals.  In light of this, CONCACAF's
executive committee decided that Cuba should not participate in the qualifiers either, and
thus Haiti and the Dutch Antilles qualified by default.

In the North American Zone, the USA withdrew so Mexico qualified by default.
In the Central American Zone, Panama withdrew and the other three teams played a triangular
in El Salvador for the one remaining berth in the finals in Guatemala.

Qualifying Tournament (in San Salvador)

 7- 3-65 El Salvador     4-0 Nicaragua 
11- 3-65 Nicaragua       2-0 Honduras  
14- 3-65 El Salvador     3-1 Honduras  

 1.EL SALVADOR     2  2  0  0   7- 1  4 
 2.Nicaragua       2  1  0  1   2- 4  2
 3.Honduras        2  0  0  2   1- 5  0

Final Tournament (in Ciudad de Guatemala)

28- 3-65 Guatemala       3-0 Haiti
28- 3-65 Costa Rica      6-0 Dutch Antilles
28- 3-65 Mexico          2-0 El Salvador        
30- 3-65 Costa Rica      3-1 Haiti
30- 3-65 El Salvador     1-1 Dutch Antilles
 1- 4-65 Guatemala       0-0 Costa Rica        
 1- 4-65 Mexico          5-0 Dutch Antilles     
 4- 4-65 Mexico          3-0 Haiti              
 4- 4-65 Guatemala       4-1 El Salvador
 6- 4-65 Guatemala       3-2 Dutch Antilles
 6- 4-65 Mexico          1-1 Costa Rica         
 8- 4-65 El Salvador     2-1 Costa Rica
 8- 4-65 Dutch Antilles  1-1 Haiti
11- 4-65 El Salvador     3-1 Haiti
11- 4-65 Mexico          2-1 Guatemala

 1.MEXICO          5  4  1  0  13- 2  9
 2.Guatemala       5  3  1  1  11- 5  7
 3.Costa Rica      5  2  2  1  11- 4  6
 4.El Salvador     5  2  1  2   7- 9  5
 5.Dutch Antilles  5  0  2  3   4-16  2
 6.Haiti           5  0  1  4   3-13  1



Ernesto Cisneros (Mexico) 5

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