Coupe Van der Straeten Ponthoz

In 1900 the Belgian count Van der Straeten Ponthoz offered a cup to the winner of an international tournament. As the champions of the three existing continental leagues were present in Brussels, the newspapers at that time called it the club championship of the continent. So can we consider R.A.P. from Amsterdam the first ever European champions?

The second edition with only the leading teams from Holland and Belgium, ended in a row. H.V.V. left the tournament as they were discontent with the refereeing of their semifinals match against Racing Club Brussels. According to the Dutch the referee allowed too much foul play. The dispute raised the question, whether there should be an overall governing body for international matches. This finally led to the foundation of FIFA in 1904.

The tournament was last held in 1907, when Union became the first club to win it 3 times in succession and were allowed to keep the cup for all time. It was succeeded by the Coupe Jean Dupuich.


1900 R.A.P. (Amsterdam)
1901 H.B.S. ('s-Gravenhage)
1902 Pilgrims FC (London)
1903 Racing C.B. (Bruxelles)
1904 Racing C.B. (Bruxelles)
1905 Union Saint-Gilloise
1906 Union Saint-Gilloise and Racing C.B. (Bruxelles) [shared]
1907 Union Saint-Gilloise


1900 R.A.P. (Amsterdam)        2-1 H.V.V. ('s-Gravenhage)  
1901 H.B.S. ('s-Gravenhage)    1-0 Racing C.B. (Bruxelles)
1902 Pilgrims FC (London)      4-2 D.F.C. (Dordrecht)
1903 Racing C.B. (Bruxelles)   6-5 Pilgrims FC (London)       [aet]
1904 Racing C.B. (Bruxelles)   3-2 Union Saint-Gilloise
1905 Union Saint-Gilloise      5-1 Racing C.B. (Bruxelles)
1906 Union Saint-Gilloise      2-2 Racing C.B. (Bruxelles)    [aet]
1907 Union Saint-Gilloise      1-0 Hampstead FC


1st edition 15/16 april 1900


Antwerp FC		Antwerpen	Belgium
Grasshopper Club	Zürich		Switzerland
H.V.V.			Den Haag	Netherlands
Léopold FC		Brussels	Belgium
Racing I & II		Brussels	Belgium
R.A.P.			Amsterdam	Netherlands

First Round
R.A.P.                2-1 Racing
H.V.V.                8-1 Léopold
Racing II             w/o Antwerp FC
Grasshopper           bye

Grasshopper           2-3 R.A.P.
H.V.V.                3-0 Racing II

R.A.P.                2-1 H.V.V.


2nd edition 7-10 april 1901


Athletic & Running	Brussels	Belgium
Beerschot		Antwerpen	Belgium
Celeritas		Rotterdam	Netherlands
D.F.C.			Dordrecht	Netherlands
H.B.S.			Den Haag	Netherlands
H.V.V.			Den Haag	Netherlands
Léopold			Brussels	Belgium
Racing			Brussels	Belgium
R.A.P.			Amsterdam	Netherlands
Rapiditas		Rotterdam	Netherlands
Sporting		Brussels	Belgium

First Round
Racing                6-1 D.F.C.	
R.A.P.               11-2 Athletic & Running
Celeritas             w/o Beerschot	

Rapiditas             2-0 Sporting
H.V.V.                6-3 Léopold	
R.A.P.                0-1 H.B.S.	
Celeritas             1-3 Racing	

H.B.S.                3-0 Rapiditas  
Racing                abd H.V.V.               [abandoned at 1-1]
  [HVV left the field with the score 1-1, Racing declared winners]

H.B.S.                1-0 Racing


Quarterfinals [Mar 30]
Union Saint-Gilloise  2-8 D.F.C. (Dordrecht)   
H.B.S.                4-1 Daring B.C.
Pilgrims FC           w/o Voorwaarts Tiel      [forfait Tiel]
Léopold Club          w/o RC Roubaix           [forfait Roubaix]

Semifinals [Mar 31]
D.F.C. (Dordrecht)    2-1 H.B.S. 
Pilgrims FC           4-0 Léopold Club

Final [Apr 1]
Pilgrims FC           4-2 D.F.C. (Dordrecht)   


First Round [Apr 11]
Beerschot A.C.        w/o Velocitas Breda      [forfait Velocitas]
Pilgrims FC           6-0 Daring B.C.
Olympia C.B.          2-1 Celeritas
D.F.C. (Dordrecht)    7-3 Léopold Club
Racing C.B.           1-0 Maidstone FC 
Athletic R.C.B.       bye 
Union Saint-Gilloise  bye
H.B.S.                bye

Quarterfinals [Apr 12]
Beerschot A.C.        2-5 Athletic R.C.B. 
Pilgrims FC           8-1 Olympia C.B. 
D.F.C. (Dordrecht)    1-2 Racing C.B.
Union Saint-Gilloise  w/o H.B.S.               [forfait H.B.S.]

Semifinals [Apr 13]
Athletic R.C.B.       o/w Racing C.B.          [forfait Athletic]
Pilgrims FC           6-1 Union Saint-Gilloise 

Final [Apr 14]
Racing C.B.           6-5 Pilgrims FC          [aet]


First Round [Apr 2]
Beerschot A.C.        w/o H.V.V.               [forfait H.V.V.]
Athletic R.C.B.       w/o D.F.C. (Dordrecht)   [forfait D.F.C.}
H.B.S.                w/o Léopold C.B.         [forfait Léopold C.B.]
Union Saint-Gilloise  2-1 F.C. Liégeois
Celeritas             bye
Daring C.B.           bye [new name for Daring B.C.]
S.A. Montrouge        bye
Racing C.B.           bye

Quarterfinals [Apr 3]
Celeritas             1-2 Daring C.B.
S.A. Montrouge        o/w Racing C.B.          [forfait Montrouge]
Union Saint-Gilloise  2-1 H.B.S. 
Beerschot A.C.        4-2 Athletic R.C.B. 

Semifinals [Apr 4]
Racing C.B.           5-0 Beerschot A.C.
Union Saint-Gilloise  w/o Daring C.B.          [forfait Daring C.B.]

Final [Apr 5]
Union Saint-Gilloise  2-3 Racing C.B.


Quarterfinals [Apr 23]
Union Saint-Gilloise  3-1 East Sheen FC
D.F.C. (Dordrecht)    4-1 Daring C.B.
H.F.C. (Haarlem)      6-2 Léopold C.B. 
Racing C.B.           3-0 Magdala FC

Semifinals [Apr 24]
Union Saint-Gilloise  2-1 H.F.C. (Haarlem) 
Racing C.B.           3-1 D.F.C. (Dordrecht)
Final [Apr 25]
Union Saint-Gilloise  5-1 Racing C.B. 


Quarterfinals [Apr 15]
Union Saint-Gilloise  bye
Daring C.B.           1-0 H.F.C. (Haarlem) 
Emerity FC            0-2 Racing C.B.
Léopold C.B.          bye

Semifinals [Apr 16]
Union Saint-Gilloise  4-2 Daring C.B.
Racing C.B.           4-1 Léopold C.B. 

Final [Apr 17]
Union Saint-Gilloise  2-2 Racing C.B.          [aet]
  [the organisation was at a loss as how to handle the situation in
   which the final was drawn after extra time; after contacting the
   secretary of the (English) FA, it was decided to proclaim both
   teams as 'joint holders']


Quarterfinals [Mar 31]
Hampstead FC          5-3 R.C. Roubaix 
Racing C.B.           2-0 Emerity FC 
Sparta (Rotterdam)    2-0 Léopold C.B. 
Union Saint-Gilloise 12-0 Dortmund FC 

Semifinals [Apr 1]
Hampstead FC          3-1 Racing C.B. 
Union Saint-Gilloise  4-0 Sparta (Rotterdam)

Final [Apr 2]
Union Saint-Gilloise  1-0 Hampstead FC

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