Java Trip of Combined Services (Singapore) 1931

The Singapore army side Combined Services played 6 matches in Soerabaja and nearby Malang as part of the 30 year jubilee festivities of T.H.O.R., which had also invited a touring side from Australia, to play 6 matches at the same occasion. This included one match in which the two touring sides met.

Matches in the Dutch East Indies

 6- 9 Soerabaja         Australia        4-2 Comb. Services   [HT: 2-2]
 9- 9 Soerabaja         B.P.M.           0-1 Comb. Services   [HT: 0-0]
12- 9 Soerabaja         S.V.B. XI        4-2 Comb. Services   [HT: 4-0]
13- 9 Soerabaja         Tiong Hoa        3-1 Comb. Services   [HT: 2-1]
14- 9 Malang            M.V.B. XI        2-0 Comb. Services   [HT: 1-0]
16- 9 Soerabaja         T.H.O.R.         2-3 Comb. Services   [HT: 1-0]

Total Record C. Services:  6   2  0  4   9-15   4

Squad Combined Services

GK: Nicholls
DF: Sillifant
    Wallace (also spelled Wallis)
MF: Galley
    Shaddick (captain)
FW: Cook 
    Lt. Bryan (also spelled Lt. Bryant)
    Raybould (also spelled Raybuild)

NB: players came from the 28th Gloucester Regiment, the Royal Air Force,
    the Royal Artillery and the Royal Engineers

Match Details

 6- 9 Australia        4-2 Comb. Services

A.F.A.: Roach; Weir, Oliver; Buchanan, Telfer, O'Connor;
        Donaldson, Lewis, Clark, McIvor, James
C.S.: Ellis; Wallace, Bryant; Galley, Middleton, Shaddick;
      Lt. Bryan, Bennett, Woodward, Raybould, Perry
referee: Foltynski
Goals: Lewis 1-0, Raybould 1-1, Donaldson(?) 2-1, Woodward 2-2,
       Lewis 3-2, Clark 4-2
Half-Time: 2-2
NB: winners given a cup offered by British American Tobacco Company.

 9- 9 B.P.M.           0-1 Comb. Services

B.P.M.: Tremio; Boyer, Dorrius; Reep, Achmad, Wasterval;
        Cuno, Bodegraven, Bakhuys, Keasberry, Zeer
C.S.: Nicholls; Wallace, Bryant; Lapworth, Woodward, Webber;
      Lt. Bryan, Bennett, Galley, Raybould, Perry
Goal: Bennett 0-1
Half-Time: 0-0
NB: B.P.M. (Bataafsche Petroleum Maatschappij) was a company side normally playing in the
    S.K.V.B. (Soerabajasche Kantoor Voetbal Bond) although it should be noted that about
    half of their team also played regularly for clubs in the S.V.B. Eerste Klasse and for
    the S.V.B. Bondselftal (e.g. Achmad and Bakhuys 3 days later).

12- 9 S.V.B. XI        4-2 Comb. Services

S.V.B.: Hok Gie; Sampoa, Gontha; Nooyen, Sie Liong, Achmad;
        Kway Singh, Uktolseja, Bakhuys, Tetalepta, Saleh
C.S.: Nicholls; Wallace, Bryant; Lapworth, Middleton, Shaddick;
      Cook, Galley, Woodward, Raybould, Perry
Goals: Tetalepta 1-0, Bakhuys 2-0, Bakhuys (pen) 3-0, Bakhuys 4-0,
       Woodward 4-1, Galley (pen) 4-2
Half-Time: 4-0

13- 9 Tiong Hoa        3-1 Comb. Services

C.S.: Ellis; Wallace, Bryant; Lapworth, Middleton, Shaddick;
      Cook, Galley, Woodward, Raybould, Perry
Goals: N.N. 1-0, N.N. 2-0, Raybould 2-1, N.N. 3-1
Half-Time: 2-1

14- 9 M.V.B. XI        2-0 Comb. Services

M.V.B.: Mo Hien; Asmoeadji, Sadi; Pluimen, Djoeri, Röhrig;
        Pie-le, Cooke, Tremio, Neuvenheim, Prodniez
C.S.: Ellis; Sillifant, Wallace; Lapworth, Webber, Shaddick;
      Wert (Woodward?), Galley, Lt. Bryan, Raybould, Perry
Goals: 5' Tremio 1-0, Tremio 2-0
Half-Time: 1-0

16- 9 T.H.O.R.         2-3 Comb. Services

T.H.O.R.: Huisingh; Van Emmerick, Vaes; Wilson, Piet Keasberry, Esser;
          Feuerberg, Pang Keasberry, Bakhuys, Meyers, Cortenbach 
C.S.: Nicholls; Wallace, Sillifant; Lapworth, Woodward, Shaddick;
      Cook, Bennett, Lindman, Raybould, Perry
Goals: Bakhuys 1-0, Meyers 2-0, Raybould 2-1, Lindman 2-2, Bennett 2-3
Half-Time: 1-0

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