Djurgårdens IF (Stockholm) tour of the Far East 1953

Known results (incomplete):
 ?-?? Saigon     AJS (club)          0-2 Djurgårdens IF
 ?-?? Saigon     S.Vietnam B         1-2 Djurgårdens IF
 ?-?? Saigon     S.Vietnam A         2-3 Djurgårdens IF
 ?-??            N.Vietnam A         1-7 Djurgårdens IF
[the team arrived in Hong Kong from Bangkok]
14-11 Hong Kong  All Hong Kong       2-4 Djurgårdens IF
15-11 Hong Kong  Hong Kong Selection 1-8 Djurgårdens IF
17-11 Hong Kong  Combined Chinese    1-7 Djurgårdens IF
22-11 Osaka      All Japan           1-5 Djurgårdens IF
25-11 Tokyo
29-11 Tokyo      All Japan           1-9 Djurgårdens IF
 2-12 Hong Kong  All Hong Kong       0-2 Djurgårdens IF


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