Germany - Jewish Championships

There were three Jewish football (sports) organisations in Germany before World War II: Makkabi (started with 23 clubs), Sportbund Schild (90 clubs) and VINTUS (Verband jüdisch-neutraler Turn- und Sportvereine; about 18 clubs). VINTUS joined Makkabi in October 1933. Makkabi and Sportbund Schild organised separated championships.
Makkabi champions

1929-33   not known [in 1929 only 5 of 25 existing teams participated]
1934    Bar Kochba-Hakoah Berlin
1935      not played (?)
1936    Bar Kochba Frankfurt/M.
1937    Bar Kochba Frankfurt/M.
1938    Bar Kochba-Hakoah Berlin

NB: Bar Kochba-Hakoah Berlin entered (and won) the Maccabiade 1930 in
    Antwerpen; it is not known whether they did so by virtue of winning
    the Makkabi championship 1929 or 1930.

Sportbund Schild champions

1933/34 JSG Berlin                                 
1934/35 TSV Schild Frankfurt/M.   
1935/36 TSV Schild Frankfurt/M.   
1936/37 TSV Schild Stuttgart
1937/38 TSV Schild Bochum           4-1 TSV Schild Stuttgart        

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