Estonia - List of Champions

[Republic of Estonia]

1921      Sport Tallinn
1922      Sport Tallinn
1923      Kalev Tallinn
1924      Sport Tallinn
1925      Sport Tallinn
1926      Tallinna Jalgpalli Klubi
1927      Sport Tallinn
1928      Tallinna Jalgpalli Klubi 
1929      Sport Tallinn
1930      Kalev Tallinn
1931      Sport Tallinn
1932      Sport Tallinn
1933      Sport Tallinn
1934      Estonia Tallinn
1935      Estonia Tallinn
1936      Estonia Tallinn
1937/38   Estonia Tallinn
1938/39   Estonia Tallinn
1939/40   Olümpia Tartu

[During World War II]

1941      not played
1942      Tartu PSR
1943      Estonia Tallinn
1944      not played

[Estonian SSR]

1945      Dünamo Tallinn
1946      BL Tallinn
1947      Dünamo Tallinn
1948      Balti Laevastik Tallinn
1949      Dünamo Tallinn
1950      Dünamo Tallinn
1951      Balti Laevastik Tallinn
1952      Balti Laevastik Tallinn
1953      Dünamo Tallinn
1954      Dünamo Tallinn
1955      Kalev Tallinn
1956      Balti Laevastik Tallinn
1957      Kalev Ülemiste
1958      Kalev Ülemiste
1959      Kalev Ülemiste
1960      Balti Laevastik Tallinn
1961      Kalev Kopli
1962      Kalev Ülemiste
1963      Tempo Tallinn
1964      Norma Tallinn
1965      Balti Laevastik Tallinn
1966      Balti Laevastik Tallinn
1967      Norma Tallinn
1968      Balti Laevastik Tallinn
1969      Dvigatel Tallinn
1970      Norma Tallinn
1971      Tempo Tallinn
1972      Balti Laevastik Tallinn
1973      Kreenholm Narva
1974      Baltika Narva
1975      Baltika Narva
1976      Dvigatel Tallinn
1977      Baltika Narva
1978      Dünamo Tallinn
1979      Norma Tallinn
1980      Dünamo Tallinn
1981      Dünamo Tallinn
1982      Tempo Tallinn
1983      Dünamo Tallinn
1984      Estonia Jõhvi
1985      Kalakombinaat/MEK Pärnu
1986      Zvezda Tallinn
1987      Tempo Tallinn
1988      Norma Tallinn
1989      Zvezda Tallinn
1990      TVMK Tallinn
1991      TVMK Tallinn

[Republic of Estonia]

1992      FC Norma Tallinn
1992/93   FC Norma Tallinn
1993/94   FC Flora Tallinn
1994/95   FC Flora Tallinn
1995/96   FC Lantana Tallinn
1996/97   FC Lantana Tallinn
1997/98   FC Flora Tallinn
1998      FC Flora Tallinn            [transitional championship]
1999      Levadia Maardu
2000      Levadia Maardu
2001      FC Flora Tallinn
2002      FC Flora Tallinn
2003      FC Flora Tallinn
2004      FC Levadia Tallinn  
2005      TVMK Tallinn
2006      FC Levadia Tallinn  
2007      FC Levadia Tallinn  
2008      FC Levadia Tallinn  
2009      FC Levadia Tallinn  
2010      FC Flora Tallinn
2011      FC Flora Tallinn
2012      JK Kalju Nõmme
2013      FC Levadia Tallinn  

Top Champions [Republic of Estonia]

 9 Flora Tallinn
   Sport Tallinn

 8 Levadia Tallinn (includes Levadia Maardu) [*]

 5 Estonia Tallinn

 2 Kalev Tallinn
   Lantana Tallinn
   Norma Tallinn
   Tallinna Jalgpalli Klubi

 1 JK Kalju Nõmme
   Olümpia Tartu
   TVMK Tallinn

[*] FK Olümp Maardu were bought in 1998 by steel company Levadia and
      renamed Levadia Maardu, then at the second level, earning
      promotion at the end of the season (and winning the championship
      at the first time of asking).
    In 2000, Levadia Maardu had second level FC Maardu (formally a 
      different entity, and previously named KSK Vigri Tartu) as 
      second team; they also earned promotion to the top flight at
      the end of 2000, and were renamed Levadia Tallinn for 2001.
    Before the 2004 season, Levadia Tallinn sold its top level 
      license to JK Merkuur Tartu; Levadia Maardu were then renamed
      Levadia Tallinn and the former Levadia Tallinn were renamed
      Levadia II Tallinn, buying the second level license of Sörve JK;
      after these transactions, Levadia and Levadia II Tallinn are
      part of the same entity.


Jalgpalli Klubi = Football Club
Balti Laevastik = Baltic Navy
TVMK (Tallinna Vineeri- ja Mööblikombinaat) = Tallinn Plywood and Furniture Factory

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