Ethiopia (Women) 2016/17

Ethiopian Women's Premier League 2016/17

Start: Nov 20 (ppd from Nov 6)

20 participating teams in 2 groups

Group A
 1.Ethiopian Coffee FC
 2.Dedebit FC
 3.Dire-Dawa FC
 4.Ethio-Electric FC
 5.Defence FC
 6.Adama City FC
 7.Tiret FC
 8.Bole Sub-city FC
 9.Ethiopian Sport Academy FC
10.Etege FC

Group B
 1.St.George FC
 2.Ethiopian Nigd Bank FC 
 3.Arbaminch City FC
 4.Sidama Coffee FC
 5.Addis-Ababa City FC
 6.Lideta Sub-city FC
 7.Akaki Sub-city FC
 8.Hawassa City FC
 9.Gedio Dilla FC
10.St.Mary University FC

Group A

Week 1 [Nov 19]
Ethiopian Coffee             lt  Dedebit
Adama City                    -  Etege
Defence                       -  Bole Subcity
Tiret                         -  Ethiopian Youth Sport Academy
Dire Dawa City                -  Ethio-Electric
Week 2 not known
Week 3 [Dec 10?]
Tiret                        1-3 Dedebit
Adama City                   2-0 Ethiopian Coffee
Defence                      2-0 Ethiopian Youth Sport Academy
Dire Dawa                    2-0 Etege  
Ethio-Electric               2-2 Bole Subcity    
Week 5 [Dec ?]
Adama City                   0-1 Dedebit
Defence                      2-0 Tiret
Dire Dawa City               1-0 Ethiopian Coffee
Bole Subcity                 2-1 Etege
Ethio-Electric               2-0 Ethiopian Youth Sports Academy
Week 16 [Apr ?]
Adama City                   2-2 Dire-Dawa Kenema
Tiret                        0-1 Ethio-Electric
Dedebit                      4-0 Defence Force
Ethiopian Coffee             0-4 Bole Subcity
Ethiopia Youth Sp. Acad.     1-1 Nifaso Silke Lafto Subcity
Week 17 [Apr 22,23?]
Dedebit                      4-1 Ethiopian Youth Sports Academy
Tiret                        1-0 Bole Subcity
Ethiopian Coffee             1-1 Nifaso Silke Lafto Subcity
Dire Dawa City               1-1 Defence Force
Ethio-Electric               1-1 Adama City  

 1.Dedebit                           46
 2.Adama City                        33 
 3.Ethio-Electric                    30
 4.Defence Force                     29
 5.Dire Dawa City                    28
 6.Tiret Corporate                   21
 7.Bole Subcity                      15
 8.Ethiopia Youth Sports Acad.       13
 9.Ethiopian Coffee                   6
10.Nifaso Silke Lafto Subcity         5    

NB: top-5 to first division 2017/18, bottom-5 to second division 2017/18
    (inaugural edition)

Top Final Standings:

 1.Dedebit                      18   52  Championship Final
 2.Adama City                   18   39  Third Place Match

Group B

Week 1 [Nov 20]
St Mary University           5-3 Lideta
Gedio Dilla                  2-2 Akaki Kaliti
St George                    0-2 Ethiopian Nigd Bank 
Arbaminch City               ppd Addis Ababa City
Sidama Coffee                ppd Hawassa City    
Week 2 not known
Week 3 [Dec 11?]
St George                    3-0 Lideta
Arbaminch City               1-0 St Mary University
Gedio Dilla                  0-2 Ethiopia Nigd Bank 
Sidama Coffee                ppd Addis Ababa City       
Hawassa City                 4-0 Akaki Kaliti   
Week 4 [Dec 14]
St George                     -  Arbaminch City 

Week 5 [Dec ?]      
Akaki Kaliti                 1-0 Addis Ababa City
Arbaminch City               2-0 Lideta
Gedio Dilla                  0-1 St George
Sidama Coffee                1-2 St Mary University
Hawassa City                 0-1 Ethiopia Nigd Bank 
Week 16 [Apr ?]
St George                    0-1 Hawassa City
Arbaminch City               1-1 Sidama Coffee
Ethiopia Nigd Bank           2-1 Addis Ababa City
Lideta Subcity               0-1 Gedio Dilla
St Mary University           3-2 Akaki Kality Subcity
Week 17 [Apr 22,23?]
Ethiopia Nigd Bank           2-1 Lideta Subcity
Hawassa City                 5-0 Arbaminch City
Sidama Cofffee               2-0 Gedio Dilla
Akaki Kality Subcity         1-1 St George
Addis Ababa City             2-0 St Mary University


 1.Ethiopia Nigd Bank                43
 2.Hawassa City                      39
 3.Gedo Dilla                        29
 4.St George                         25
 5.Addis Ababa City                  25
 6.Sidama Coffee                     24
 7.Arbaminch City                    16
 8.St Mary University                13    
 9.Lideta Subcity                     8
10.Akaki Kality Subcity               8 
NB: top-5 to first division 2017/18, bottom-5 to second division 2017/18
    (inaugural edition); Sidama Coffee eventually finished in the top-5
    at the cost of Addis Ababa City 

Top Final Standings:

 1.Ethiopia Nigd Bank           18   48  Championship Final
 2.Hawassa City                 18   44  Third Place Match

Third Place Match
Adama City                   2-0 Hawassa City

Championship Playoff [May 14]
Ethiopian Nigd Bank          0-2 Dedebit

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