Eighth Far Eastern Games 1927 (Shanghai)

27- 8-1927 China             5-1 Japan 
29- 8-1927 Japan             2-1 Philippines  
31- 8-1927 China             3-1 Philippines  
             [Suen Kam-shun 2pen, Chan Kwong-yiu 2-0; the Philippines
              forfeited the match at half-time, having already walked
              off for 10 minutes after the award of the early penalty,
              having had a player sent off in between the first two
              goals and after more fighting after the second goal; 
              they were eventually persuaded to play the second half 
              (30 minutes) hors concours; scorers in the second half
              Lallana (P), Chan Kwong-yiu (C)]

 1.China                 2  2  0  0  8- 2  4
 2.Japan                 2  1  0  1  3- 6  2
 3.Philippines           2  0  0  2  2- 5  0  [*]

[*] due to the Philippines forfeiting their match against China at half-time 
    it is doubtful whether they should be ranked at all; in any case, only
    the winners of an event were awarded medals

NB: all China players were from South China AA; they had been part of a
    squad touring Australia before the Games, which had also included
    players from Shanghai club side Loh Hwa; however, the latter players
    had been excluded from the Games because of contravening amateur
    rules; likewise the Philippines had leading players banned because
    of illegal payments.

NB: prior to the tournament, the following friendly was played:
21- 8-1927 Shanghai British  4-0 Philippines

"Open Football Championship held in conjunction with the Far Eastern Olympic Games"

NB: played after the tournament; "Great Britain" and "Palestine" were teams of 
    Shanghai-based expats from those territories.

 1- 9-1927 China             7-0 "Palestine"
 2- 9-1927 "Great Britain"   8-1 Japan

 3- 9-1927 "Great Britain"   4-3 China

Charity match
 7- 9-1927 "Great Britain"   3-2 China




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