Tenth Far Eastern Games 1934 (Manila)


NB: matches (2x35 minutes) at (José) Rizal Memorial Stadium.

12 May 34  Philippines       0-2 China
             [Tam Kong-pak, Lee Wai-tong; half-time: 0-0; ref: Amechazurra; att: 40,000]
             [according to newspaper reports, the pitch was a battlefield,
              with 4 Chinese players carried off injured, and 2 players of
              the hosts suffering fractures (arm and ankle respectively);
              Philippines contested one of the goals (probably the first), 
              claiming the ball had been out of play before;
              after seeing this match, both Japan and the Dutch East Indies
              filed protests with the organising committee]
13 May 34  Dutch East Indies 7-1 Japan
             [Jahn 16, 50, 65, Hong Djien 27, Hian Goan 37, 56, 58;
              Taizo Kawamoto 42; half-time: 2-0]
14 May 34  China             2-0 Dutch East Indies
             [Tso Kwai-shing 45, Tam Kong-pak 2-0; half-time: 0-0; att: 12,000] 
             [both teams missed a penalty in the first half]
15 May 34  Philippines       3-4 Japan
             [N.N. 1, N.N. 14, N.N. 15; Taizo Kawamoto 30, Ichiji Otani 37,
              Shoichi Nishimura 42, Akira Nozawa 57; half-time: 3-1]
19 May 34  Philippines       3-2 Dutch East Indies
             [F. Gutierrez, Heredia, Azaola; Lontoh (2); the D.E.I. led 0-2
              after 10 minutes]
20 May 34  China             4-3 Japan
             [N.N. 6, N.N. 11, N.N. 55, N.N. (pen) 66; Akira Nozawa 50, 62,
              Takeshi Natori 64; half-time 2-0]

NB: on 17 May, all scheduled events were postponed due to heavy rain.

 1.China                 3  3  0  0  7- 3  6
 2.Dutch East Indies     3  1  0  2  9- 6  2  (goal average 1.50)
 3.Philippines           3  1  0  2  6- 8  2  (goal average 0.75)
 4.Japan                 3  1  0  2  8-14  2  (goal average 0.71)

NB: teams ranked according to contemporary tie-breaker (goal average); as
    only gold medals were awarded, no play-off to separate the remaining
    three teams was necessary.

Additional Squad Info


from SCAA (South China):
  Wong Kee-liang ("Wong Wing"; GK), Lee Tin-sang, Lau Mau, Leung Wing-chiu,
  Wong Mei-shun, Lee Kwok-tai, Tso Kwai-tsing, Tam Kong-pak,
  Fung King-cheong, Lee Wai-tong, Ip Pak-wah, Ho Chor-yin, Tay Kwee-liang;
from Tung Hwa:
  Lee Ning, Chan Ka-kum, Chan Chun-cheung;
from Three Cultures:
  Zee Hang (reserve GK).
The line-up against the Philippines on 12 May 1934:

  Wong Kee-liang; Lee Tin-sang, Lau Mau; Leung Wing-chiu, Wong Mei-shun,
  Lee Kwok-tai (Ho Chor-yin (Chan Chun-cheung)); Tso Kwai-tsing, Tam Kong-pak,
  Fung King-cheong, Lee Wai-tong, Ip Pak-wah
  NB: both Lee Kwok-tai and his replacement Ho Chor-yin had to withdraw due
      to injuries

Dutch East Indies

The Dutch East Indies team was an official selection of the N.I.V.B.,
F.I.F.A. members for the territory; all players came from Java (as all
regional member federations of the N.I.V.B. were from Java).  Players
were required to have been born in the Dutch East Indies.

Squad list (15 players; names of intended reserves in italics):

GK: Henri de Wolf (U.N.I., Bandoeng), Tjan Hing Kie (Union, Semarang);
DF: Ellis Denkelaar (Oliveo, Batavia; captain), Tan Chin Hoat (Tiong Hoa, Soerabaja);
MF: Lou Baumgarten (H.B.S., Soerabaja), Frans Meeng (S.V.B.B., Batavia),
    Alois Amrein (U.N.I., Bandoeng), Asmoeadji (U.N.I., Bandoeng);
FW: Rd. Onong Noeman (S.V.B.B., Batavia), A. Tetalepta (S.V.J.A., Batavia),
    Ludwich "Loed" Jahn (Hercules, Batavia), Suwu Lontoh (Velocitas, Tjimahi),
    Thio Kek Boo (U.M.S., Batavia), The Hong Djien (Tiong Hoa, Soerabaja),
    Tio Hian Goan (Tiong Hoa, Soerabaja).

The squad included 6 "European", 5 Chinese and 4 "native" players; five other 
players were part of the provisional squad of 20 players chosen after the 
test match between West Java and East Java in Solo (on 8 Apr 1934, West Java 
won 3-2; there had been a number of other test matches since the end of March
to select the best players) but eventually were not included in the squad
making the trip after further training in Tjimahi: 
  DF: Wim Röhrig (H.B.S., Soerabaja);
  MF: P. Caumans (M.O.T., Semarang), Achmad Nawir (H.B.S., Soerabaja);
  FW: Cor Goyers (U.N.I., Bandoeng), Johannes (Solo).

The line-up against Japan on 13 May 1934, the first ever full international 
of the Dutch East Indies:

  De Wolf; Denkelaar, Chin Hoat; Baumgarten, F. Meeng, Hong Djien;
  Onong, Tetalepta, Hian Goan, Jahn, Kek Boo.

(So Hian Goan was preferred to Lontoh while Hong Djien replaced Amrein in 
 midfield as compared to the original selection.)

The starting line-up against China on 14 May 1934 was identical, but during
the match, F. Meeng was replaced by Amrein during the second half, with the
score 1-0:

  De Wolf; Denkelaar, Chin Hoat; Baumgarten, F. Meeng (Amrein),
  Hong Djien; Onong, Tetalepta, Hian Goan, Jahn, Kek Boo.

The line-up against the Philippines on 19 May 1934:
  De Wolf; Denkelaar, Chin Hoat; Baumgarten, Amrein, Hong Djien;
  Onong, Asmoeadji, Hian Goan, Lontoh, Kek Boo.


NB: only names of players who made at least one appearance available; in
    addition some unused reserve players may have been part of the squad

GK: Shunichi Kumai (Waseda Univ.), Hiroshi Kanazawa (Kyoto Imperial Univ.);
DF: Tadao Horie (Waseda Univ.), Yukio Goto (Kwangaku Club), 
    Teruo Abe (Kwangaku Club), Yasuo Suzuki (Waseda Univ.);
MF: Takashi Kawanishi (Kwansei Gakuin Univ.), Teiichi Matsumaru (Keio BRB),
    Motoo Tatsuhara (Waseda Univ.), Shiro Misaki (Kwansei Gakuin Univ.),
    Tokutaro Ukon (Keio Univ.);
FW: Hideo Sakai (Kwangaku Club), Akira Nozawa (Waseda Univ.),
    Taizo Kawamoto (Waseda Univ.), Ichiji Otani (Kobe Univ. of Commerce),
    Shoichi Nishimura (Kwansei Gakuin Univ.), Takeshi Natori (Waseda Univ.).


NB: possibly incomplete; taken from an article on the former website of
    the PFF which is inaccurate in several respects (for each of the three
    matches of the Philippines, it lists an incorrect result!).

GK: Antonio Villanueva, Santos Bacsal;
DF: Cirilo De Guzmán, Walter Toehl, Jesús Suárez;
MF: Joaquín "Quinito" Ortigas, Arsenio H. Lacson, Ramón Alegre,
    Carlos Gradinzky, Manuel Azaola, José Marie Hernández,
    Antonio Pacheco, Emilio Heredia;
FW: Francisco Gutierrez, José Miranda, Sebastian Ugarte, Luis Sotelo;
coach: Dionisio "Chito" Calvo.

The line-up against the Dutch East Indies:

  Bacsal; De Guzmán, Suárez; Alegre, Lacson, Pacheco; Sotelo,
  Miranda, Ortigas, Heredia, Gutierrez; Azaola came on as sub.

Additional Trivia

As a result of their showing, the N.I.V.B. were invited to participate in the 1935 Philippines Championship.

Among the 8 available team gold medals (awarded by sports categories) at the 1934 Games, Japan won 4 (athletics, cycling, swimming and tennis), the Philippines 3 (baseball, basketball and volleyball) and China 1 (football, see above).

1936 Olympics:
Tio Hian Goan (Tio Hiang-guan in [Kni 91]) was part of the 1936 Olympic squad of China, but he did not play in the only match China contested at the Games; Chan Chen-Wo, born in Batavia but playing for Chinese AA in Hongkong, did.

1938 World Cup:
Frans Meeng, Hong Djien and Nawir were part of the Dutch East Indies squad for the 1938 World Cup and all three played against Hungary, Nawir as captain.

Tan Chin Hoat was the father of Tan Liong Houw, who was a fixture in the line-up of the Indonesian team in the fifties, making his debut at the 1951 Asian Games, playing in the first official match for Indonesia on 5 March 1951.



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