Germany - Region XI Champions 1933-1942 - Overview Map


Name changes
a) Sachsen-Anhalt/Thüringen changed name in 1933 to Mitte.
b) Rheinhessen/Saar changed name in 1933/34 to Südwest, and in 1941 to Hessen/Nassau.
c) Hamburg/Holstein changed name in 1933/34 to Nordmark.
d) Nordhessen changed name in 1936 to Hessen, and in 1941 to Kurhessen.
e) Ostmark changed name in 1942 to Donau/Alpenland.
f) Mittelrhein changed name in 1941 to Köln/Aachen.
g) Schlesien changed name in 1941 to Niederschlesien.

list of Region XI champions 1933-1942

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