Grenada - List of Champions

NB: a first league was founded in 1924, but no data prior to 1975 are available.

1975/76 Queens Park Rangers SC (River Road)
1977-81   not known
1982    Queens Park Rangers SC (River Road)
1983      not known
1984    Queens Park Rangers SC (River Road)
1985      not known
1986    Carenage FC (St George's)
1987-93   not known
1994    Queens Park Rangers SC (River Road)
1995    Queens Park Rangers SC (River Road)
1996    Queens Park Rangers SC (River Road) [or Barba Super Stars ?]
1997    Seven Seas Rock City
1998    Fontenoy United
1999    St. Andrews Football League (Grenville)
2000    Grenada Boys Secondary School (St. George's)
2001    Grenada Boys Secondary School (St. George's)
2002    Queens Park Rangers SC (River Road)
2003    Hurricanes FC (Victoria)
2004      abandoned [*1]
2005    Paradise FC (Grenville)
2006    Hurricanes FC (Victoria)
2007    Paradise FC (Grenville)
2008    Hurricanes FC (Victoria)
2009      abandoned 
2010      abandoned [*2]
2011    Hard Rock FC (Plains)
2012    Hard Rock FC (Plains)
2013    Hard Rock FC (Plains)
2014    Paradise FC (Grenville)
2015    Hurricanes FC (Victoria)
2016      not finished [*3]
2017/18 Hurricanes FC (Victoria)
2018/19 Paradise FC (Grenville)
2019/20   abandoned

[*1] Police SC (2nd level) won an alternative knock-out tournament
[*2] championship abandoned although Paradise were awarded the prize
     money for first place
[*3] the top-4 of the regular season were to play off for the title,
     but only two of them entered the playoff; it is unclear whether
     the title was awarded to Paradise (regular season winners, who
     appear to claim the championship title), to Hard Rock (last
     remaining team in playoff) or was withheld

NB: Fontenoy United won 3 championships in total.
    Queens Park Rangers won the Third Division in 1969 and the Second in 1970 and
    apparently were never demoted after gaining promotion to the top flight.

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