Greenland 1958

Final [K'aĸortoĸ]
K-33    lt  GSS

NB: in reports on their 1972 and 1973 championships, it is explicitly mentioned
    that GSS won their first title in 1958, beating K-33 in the final, which was
    played in K'aĸortoĸ (modern spelling Qaqortoq).
    However, a preview of the 1966/67 tournament refers to the 1964 final between
    K-33 against Nanoĸ, stating it had been the second final between those two clubs,
    with Nanoĸ winning at the Gamle Sandbane in Godthåb (Nûk) in 1958. 
    It may be that the latter match was in fact the 1959/60 final; in an article
    from February 1968, Nanoĸ are credited with winning the championship in 1960
    and finishing second in 1964, but no mention is made of an earlier title.



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