Greenland 1966/67

Overview participants

NB: 22 clubs registered for the tournament; below they are listed according to the
    regional division of the GIF; in Sep 1966, it was reported the tournament had
    not been held for 2 years (meaning the previous edition was that of 1963/64).

Club                                     Home Town

Pulje I - Kreds A
Siuteroĸ                                 Nanortalik
Arssaĸ                                   Agdluitsup pā (now spelled Alluitsup Paa; Danish: Sydprøven)     
Narssarmiutaĸ                            Angmagssivik (now spelled Ammassivik; Danish: Sletten)
Eĸaluk                                   Tasiussaĸ (now spelled Tasiusaq)
Pulje I - Kreds B
K-33                                     K'aĸortoĸ (now spelled Qaqortoq; Danish: Julianehåb)
A-43 (Āgssik)                            Narssaĸ (now spelled Narsaq; Danish: Nordprøven)
Nagtoralik                               Pāmiut (now spelled Paamiut; Danish: Frederikshåb)

Pulje II - Kreds A
NŪK                                      Nūk (now spelled Nuuk; Danish: Godthåb)
GSS                                      Nūk (now spelled Nuuk; Danish: Godthåb)
Iliarssuk                                K'eĸertarssuatsiait (now spelled Qeqertarsuatsiaat; Danish: Fiskenæsset)
Tusilartoĸ                               Kangeĸ (now spelled Kangeq; town now abandoned)
Pulje II - Kreds B
Kāgssagssuk                              Manītsoĸ (now spelled Maniitsoq; Danish: (Nye) Sukkertoppen)
SAK                                      Sisimiut (Danish: Holsteinsborg)

Pulje III - Kreds A
T-41                                     Ausiait (now spelled Aasiaat; Danish: Egedesminde)
Nagdlśnguaĸ                              Ilulķssat (now spelled Ilulissat; Danish: Jakobshavn)
Kugsak                                   K'asigiįnguit (now spelled Qasigiannguit; Danish: Christianshåb)
Pulje III - Kreds B
Nanoĸ                                    K'utdligssat (now spelled Qullissat; town now abandoned)
G-44                                     K'eĸertarssuaĸ (now spelled Qeqertarsuaq; Danish: Godhavn)

Pulje IV - Kreds A
Malamuk                                  Ūmįnaĸ (now spelled Uummannaq)
Amaroĸ                                   Sātut (now spelled Saattut)
Eĸaluk                                   Ikerasak (Danish: Sundet)
Pulje IV - Kreds B
Ukaleĸ                                   Kangerssuatsiaĸ (now spelled Kangersuatsiaq; Danish: Prøven)

Qualifying Stage

Pulje I (Sydgrønland)

Kreds A

NB: no data

Kreds B

[Sep 1966]
K-33       13-0 A-43
[Sep 17, 1966, in Nūk]
K-33        7-1 Nagtoralik  [also quarterfinal Pokalturneringen]

NB: K-33 qualified

Pulje II (Midtgrønland)

Kreds A

Semifinals [Mar 1967]
NŪK         bt  Iliarssuk
GSS         bt  Tusilartoĸ

Final [Mar 17]
GSS         6-1 NŪK         

NB: GSS qualified for Midtgrønland final

Kreds B

[Sep 17, 1966, in Nūk]
SAK         3-2 Kāgssagssuk [also quarterfinal Pokalturneringen]

NB: SAK qualified for Midtgrønland final

Midtgrønland Final

[Mar 27, in Sisimiut]
SAK         5-1 GSS

NB: SAK qualified

Pulje III (Diskobugten)

Kreds A

NB: no data; played prior to Sep 1966; T-41 qualified for Diskobugten final

Kreds B

NB: no data; in Sep 1966, Nanoĸ were reported to have beaten Malamuk 8-0;
    however, Malamuk had originally been drawn in Pulje IV; in Apr 1967, Nanoĸ
    were reported to have beaten G-44; Nanoĸ qualified for Diskobugten final

Diskobugten Final

[Jun 10, in Ausiait]
T-41        3-2 Nanoĸ       [annulled after protest Nanoĸ]

Replay [Jul 23, K'asigiįnguit]
T-41        3-1 Nanoĸ       [replay originally fixtured for K'eĸertarssuaĸ but
                             moved to K'asigiįnguit]

NB: T-41 qualified

Pulje IV (Nordgrønland)

NB: no data submitted to GIF so no team qualified; in Sep 1966, Malamuk were reported
    to have played Nanoĸ (Pulje III), losing 0-8 in K'utdligssat

Final Phase (in Nūk)

[Sep 17]
T-41        6-2 SAK
[Sep 18]
K-33        bt  SAK         [probably by 1-0]
[Sep 19]
K-33        3-2 T-41        [half-time 0-2; in case of a draw, T-41 would have won
                             the title on better goal average]

Final Table:

 1.K-1933 (K'aĸortoĸ)         2  2  0  0   3- 2  4  [*]
 2.T-41 (Ausiait)             2  1  0  1   8- 5  2
 3.SAK (Sisimiut)             2  0  0  2   2- 6  0  [*]
[*] missing goals Sep 18

NB: second ever title for K-33 (after 1963/64)

Pokalturneringen 1966

NB: organised by NŪK, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the opening of the
    stadium in Nūk in Sep 1964

[Sep 15]
T-41        2-3 GSS
[Sep 17]
K-33        7-1 Nagtoralik  [also Pulje I Kreds B final]
SAK         3-2 Kāgssagssuk [also Pulje II Kreds B final]
NŪK         bye

Semifinals [Sep 18]
NŪK         7-1 GSS
K-33        6-2 SAK

Match against Seventh Place [Sep 18]
Kāgssagssuk 2-7 Nagtoralik

Fifth Place Match [Sep 19]
Nagtoralik  2-7 T-41

Third Place Match [Sep 19]
SAK         2-1 GSS

Final [Sep 19]
K-33        4-3 NŪK         [aet]



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