Guyana (Women) 2016/17

National Women's Development League 2016/17

Start: Sep 17

A total of 13 teams from seven associations participated:
  4 teams from Rupununi;
  2 teams each from Upper Demerara, Berbice and Georgetown;
  1 team each from East Bank, West Demerara and Bartica.

District One (North East):
   Georgetown, West Demerara, Essequibo and Bartica teams
   (winners: Guyana Defence Force, runners-up: Fruta Conquerors FC Females, third place: Foxy Ladies)
District Two (North West):
   Berbice, East Demerara, East Bank and Upper Demerara teams
   (winners: Kwakwani Strikers, runners-up: Demerara Queens, third place; NA United)
District Three:
   Rupununi teams
   (winners: Paiwomak Warriors FC Annai, third place: St Ignatius SC Lethem)

[Sep 17]
Snatchers FC                 0-5 Paiwomak Warriors FC (Annai)
St Ignatius SC (Lethem)      4-0 Shulinab FC
[Sep 18]
Kwakwani Strikers FC         3-1 NA United FC                 [also reported 4-1]
Demerara Queens              5-0 Kuru Kuru Warriors FC
[Sep 24]
Fruta Conquerors FC Females  6-1 Bartica FC
[Sep 25]
NA United FC                 2-1 Demerara Queens (Linden) 
Westside Conquerors FC       1-0 Kuru Kuru Warriors FC
[Sep 28]
Fruta Conquerors FC Females  bt  Foxy Ladies FC
Westside Conquerors FC       0-3 Kuru Kuru Warriors FC 
[Sep 29]
Guyana Defence Force FC      8-2 Foxy Ladies FC
[Oct 1]
Guyana Defence Force FC       -  Fruta Conquerors FC Females
Bartica FC                    -  Foxy Ladies FC 
Demerara Queens (Linden)      -  Westside Conquerors FC
Kwakwani Strikers  FC         -  Kuru Kuru Warriors FC
Paiwomak Warriors FC          -  Saints FC
Shulinab                      -  Snatchers FC  
[Oct 8?]
Demerara Queens              bt  [?]
NA United FC                 bt  [?]
[Oct 29]
Bartica FC                    -  Guyana Defence Force FC
Foxy Ladies FC                -  Fruta Conquerors FC Females
Kwakwani Strikers FC          -  Westside Conquerors
Kuru Kuru Warriors FC         -  NA United FC
[Nov 12]
Kwakwani Strikers FC         lt  Fruta Conquerors FC Females  
[Nov 13]
NA United  FC                lt  Paiwomak Warriors FC (Annai)
St Ignatius SC (Lethem)      bt  Foxy Ladies FC
[Nov 17]
Guyana Defence Force FC      bt  Demerara Queens (Linden)
[Mar 11]
Paiwomak Warriors FC (Annai) 2-1 Fruta Conquerors FC Females
Guyana Defence Force FC      2-2 St Ignatius SC (Lethem)      [aet, 2-0 pen]
Third Place Match [Mar 12]
Fruta Conquerors FC Females  bt  St Ignatius SC (Lethem)      
Final [Mar 12]
Guyana Defence Force FC      2-1 Paiwomak Warriors FC (Annai)   

Rupununi Champions League 2017

Participating Teams (Men and Women):

 1. Titans United FC (Deep South Rupununi)
 2. Shiriri FC (South Central Rupununi)
 3. St Ignatius Sports Club (Central Rupununi)
 4. Tabatinga FC (Central Rupununi)
 5. Gladiators FC (Central Rupununi)
 6. Snatchers FC (Central Rupununi) 
 7. Kanuku Rockers FC (Central Rupununi)
 8. Flash FC (East Central Rupununi)
 9. Kanuku Warriors FC (East Central Rupununi)
10. Kanuku Harpies FC  (East Central Rupununi)
11. United Warriors FC  (East Central Rupununi)
12. Paiwomak Warriors FC (North Rupununi)
13. Surama FC  (North Rupununi)
14. FC Strikers  (North Rupununi)
15. Sun Parakeets FC  (South Pakaraimas)
16. Mahdia Gold Getters FC  (Region 8)

NB: 2016 gab es nur 5 Teilnehmer.

[Mar 11]
Gladiators                   2-1 Snatchers

2015 (women)

list of champions (men)

list of cup winners (men)

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