Guyana 1977

Guyana inter-district "Champion of Champions" 1978

NB: was to be played Feb/Mar 1978; no record of results was found;
    tournaments was held in previous years, but this was to be the
    first edition at which a trophy was at stake.

Participants (8):
  Georgetown (2): Pele, Thomas United
  Berbice (2):    Bermine (*), Falcon
  Linden (2):     YMCA, Mackenzie Sports Club
  Bartica (2):    Guy Timco, Charlton
(*) Bermine apparently replaced Cougars, who originally were announced as entrants

First round (1st leg)
26-Feb-78 Falcons       0-0 Thomas United
  -   -78 Pele          6-1 Bermine
  -   -78 Guy Timco     0-2 Mackenzie SC
  -   -78 YMCA          7-0 Charlton

First round (2nd leg)
 5-Mar-78 Thomas United 2-1 Falcons
  -   -78 Bermine       0-2 Pele
  -   -78 Mackenzie SC  2-1 Guy Timco
  -   -78 Charlton       -  YMCA

Second round (1st leg)
12-Mar-78 YMCA           -  Thomas United
12-Mar-78 Pele          6-0 Mackenzie SC

Second round (2nd leg)
  -Mar-78 Thomas United  -  YMCA
17-Mar-78 Mackenzie SC   -  Pele

  -   -78 Pele          bt  Thomas United

NB: top-2 (Pele and Thomas United) qualified for CONCACAF tournament 1978 


Demico League
 1.Pele FC              14 12 2 0    26   [champion]
 2.Thomas United        14           19   [runner-up]
  .Guyana Defence Force
  .Georgetown FC
  .Lodge Rovers

Top two qualified for Guyana inter-district competition (see above).
Bottom two to be relegated.
Pele's two draws were vs Georgetown FC and Guyana Defence Force.

Topscorer: Rudolph Hunte  38 goals

Unfinished table as of 18-Oct-1977:
 1.Pele FC              13 11 2 0    24
 2.Thomas United        13           17
 3.Santos               12           14
 4.Guyana Defence Force 12           13
 5.Police               12           10
 6.Georgetown FC        13            9
 7.Camptown             13            9
 8.Lodge Rovers         10            2

Fixtures remaining as of 18-Oct-1977:
 Pele    bt Police
 Thomas  bt GDF
 Santos  -  Lodge
 Santos  -  Police
 GDF     -  Lodge
 GFC     -  Lodge
 Lodge   -  Camptown

Bata Shoe Company League (second division)
 1.Western United  [champion]

Banks DIH League (third division)
 Champion: Pele FC

Agri Banks League (fourth division)
 Champion: Pele FC

Knock-out Cups

Father Niles Memorial Trophy (first division cup)
Santos bt Pele

Co-op Bank Shield (first division cup)
Camptown bt Pele

Hand-in-Hand Trophy (third division cup)
Winner: Pele

Co-op Bank Shield (third division cup)
29-Dec-77 Pele 2-2 Thomas United   [to be replayed 31-Dec-77]

George Green Trophy (fourth division cup)
Winner: Pele

Blackpool Trophy (fourth division cup)
Winner: Santos

Ken Gibbs Trophy (fourth division cup)
Winner: Santos 



list of champions

list of cup winners

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