Guyana 1992

Champion of Champions 1992

Participants (10): 
  Beacons (Bartica)
  Camptown (Georgetown)
  Cougars (East Berbice-Corentyne)  
  Eagles United (Upper Demerara) 
  Golden Star (East Coast)       
  Monedderlust (West Berbice)
  Pouderoyen (West Demerara)  
  Thomas United (Georgetown)
  Topp XX  (Upper Demerara) 
  Uitvlugt (West Demerara)   

Round 1
[Nov 15]
Eagles United             2-0 Camptown 
Pouderoyen                4-2 Golden Star 
[Nov 20]
Topp XX                   bt  Beacons 
[Nov 22]
Thomas United             7-0 Monedderlust 
Uitvlugt                  2-0 Cougars 
Quarterfinals [Nov 27]
Topp XX                   drw Pouderoyen                [aet, Topp XX on pen]
Thomas United             bt  Uitvlugt  
Eagles United             bye

Semifinal [Dec 2]
Topp XX                   1-0 Eagles United
Thomas United             bye

Final [Dec 6]
Topp XX                   bt  Thomas United

Georgetown 1992

First Division

Start: Apr 3 (10 participating teams)

[Apr 3]
Pele                      abd Conquerors                [abandoned at 1-0 due to power failure;
                                                         to be replayed]
Georgetown FC             0-1 Thomas United
[Jun 17]
Camptown                  lt  Pele                      [third consecutive win for Pele]
Thomas United             bt  Santos
[Jun ?]
Police                    3-1 GDF
YSM Beacons               1-1 Georgetown FC 
Current leaders: Pele
[Jul 3]
Camptown                  1-0 Conquerors
Georgetown FC             1-0 GDF 
[Jul 17]
Western Tigers             -  Pele  
[Sep 4]
Conquerors                 -  Western Tigers
Police                     -  Santos
Top of table:
 1.Camptown                    7        11
 2.Thomas United               7        11
  .Western Tigers                        9
  .Conquerors                            8
[Sep 11]
Thomas United             2-1 Conquerors
Georgetown FC             1-0 Western Tigers
[Sep 18]
Camptown                  2-0 Thomas United 
Santos                    2-1 Conquerors
Top of final table:

 1.Camptown                    9        15
 2.Thomas United               9        13 
 3.Pele                        9        11
NB: first title Camptown since 13 years; Pele are record champions with 7 titles

In total 105 goals were scored. 
Topscorer: O'Choa                         
Promotion/Relegation Tournament

NB: started Apr 19, 1993

Participants (4):
 Water Works (second level champions)
 Alpha (second level runners-up)
NB: Santos and GDF stay in First Division.

President's Cup

[Oct 18]
Santos                    1-0 Alpha Juniors 
Pele                      3-0 Georgetown FC
[Oct 23]
Camptown                  bt  Camptown II
Thomas United             bt  Conquerors
NB: Alpha Juniors (leading team in the Second Division) aka Alpha Rangers

[Nov 4]
Camptown                  0-0 Santos                    [aet, 3-1 pen] 
[Nov 8]
Pele                      1-0 Thomas United
Final [Nov 13]
Camptown                  abd Pele                      [abandoned at 0-0 before penalty shootout]
Camptown                  1-1 Pele                      [aet, 5-6 pen]
Upper Demerara

Champions: Topp XX
West Berbice

Demerara Mutual Trophy

Third Place Match [Mar 19]
Roots                     2-1 Bel Air
Final [Mar 19]
Monedderlust              0-0 Frontline                 [aet, 3-2 pen]   
West Demerara

[Jun 21]
Stewartville              1-0 Uitvlugt
Champions: Stewartville



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