Guyana - List of Foundation Dates

1902     Georgetown FC 
1921     Victoria (Georgetown)
         St Barnabas (Georgetown)
1947     Northern Rangers (Georgetown)
1960     Thomas United FC (Georgetown)         [founded on Apr 1 as Continental FC]
1964     Santos FC (Georgetown)
1965     Guyana Defence Force FC (Georgetown)
1971     Pele FC (Georgetown)
1972     Milerock FC (Linden)
1974     Buxton SC                             [merged 1996 with Olympic SC to Buxton United FC]
1976     BK Western Tigers FC (Georgetown)
1980     Riddim Squad FC (Georgetown)
1982     Fruta Conquerors FC (Georgetown)      [founded as Conquerors FC] 
         Queenstown FC
1985     Beacon's FC (Georgetown)
1988     Kingston United FC (Georgetown)
1990     Crane FC  
         Rose Hall SC
         Topp XX (Linden)
1990(?)  Amelia's Ward FC (Linden)
1991     Rosignol United FC          
1992     Heart of Oak FC (New Amsterdam)
         New Ballweavers Christianburg (Linden)
1993     Net Rockers FC (Linden)               [also written Netrockers (official form not known)]
         West Front Lions FC (Georgetown)
1995     Buxton United FC                      [merger of Buxton SC and Olympic SC] 
1998(?)  Henrietta United FC 
2002     Central Corentyne Stars SC
2003     Seawall FC (Pouderoyen)
2013     Slingerz FC (Vergenoegen)

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