Iran - International Matches

Matches since 1941

Date	       Competition	Opponent	Result	Venue

25-Aug-41	Friendly	Afghanistan	0-0	Kabul
26-Oct-47	Friendly	Turkey		1-3	Amjadiah
28-Oct-48	Friendly	Turkey		1-1	Amjadiah
28-May-50	Friendly	Turkey		1-6	Istanbul
30-May-50	Friendly	Turkey		2-2	Ankara
26-Oct-50	Friendly	Afghanistan	4-0	Amjadiah
27-Oct-50	Friendly	Pakistan	5-1	Amjadiah
6-Feb-51	Asian Games	Burma		2-0	New Delhi
7-Mar-51	Asian Games	Japan		0-0	New Delhi
9-Mar-51	Asian Games	Japan		3-2	New Delhi
11-May-51	Asian Games	India		0-1	New Delhi
2-Apr-52	Friendly	Pakistan	0-0	Karachi
26-May-58	Asian Games	Israel		0-4	Tokyo
28-May-58	Asian Games	South Korea	0-5	Tokyo
5-Dec-59	Asian Ch. Qual.	Israel		3-0	Cochin
7-Dec-59	Asian Ch. Qual.	Pakistan	1-4	Cochin
8-Dec-59	Asian Ch. Qual.	India		1-3	Cochin
12-Dec-59	Asian Ch. Qual.	Israel		1-1	Cochin
13-Dec-59	Asian Ch. Qual.	Pakistan	4-1	Cochin
15-Dec-59	Asian Ch. Qual.	India		2-1	Cochin
1-Jun-62	Friendly	Iraq		1-1	Amjadiah
3-Jun-62	Friendly	Iraq		1-2	Amjadiah
2-Oct-63	Oly. Games Qual	Pakistan	4-1	Amjadiah
1-Nov-63	Oly. Games Qual	Pakistan	0-1	Lahore
12-Dec-63	Oly. Games Qual	Iraq		4-0	Amjadiah
2-Jan-64	Oly. Games Qual	Iraq		0-0	Baghdad
6-Jun-64	Oly. Games Qual	India		3-0	Amjadiah
19-Jun-64	Oly. Games Qual	India		3-1	Calcutta
6-Oct-64	OLY		East Germany	0-4	Tokyo
11-Oct-64	OLY		Mexico		1-1	Tokyo
15-Oct-64	OLY		Romania		0-1	Omyia
22-May-65	Friendly	Turkey		1-2	Tehran
24-May-65	Friendly	Turkey		2-1	Tehran
23-Jul-65	RCD Cup		Pakistan	4-1	Amjadiah
25-Jul-65	RCD Cup		Turkey		0-0	Amjadiah
16-Mar-66	RCD Cup  	Turkey		0-0	Tehran
10-Dec-66	Asian Games	Malaysia	2-0	Bangkok
11-Dec-66	Asian Games	Japan		1-3	Bangkok
13-Dec-66	Asian Games	India		4-1	Bangkok
16-Dec-66	Asian Games	Indonesia	1-0	Bangkok
17-Dec-66	Asian Games	Burma		0-1	Bangkok
18-Dec-66	Asian Games	Japan		1-0	Bangkok
20-Dec-66	Asian Games	Burma		0-1	Bangkok
24-Nov-67	RCD Cup		Pakistan	2-0	Dacca
26-Nov-67	RCD Cup		Turkey		0-1	Dacca
10-May-68	Asian Ch.	Hong Kong	2-0	Tehran
13-May-68	Asian Ch.	Taiwan		4-0	Tehran
16-May-68	Asian Ch.	Burma		3-1	Tehran
19-May-68	Asian Ch.	Israel		2-1	Tehran
7-Mar-69	Friendship Cup	Iraq		2-1	Tehran
9-Mar-69	Friendship Cup	Turkey XI	2-1	Tehran
12-Mar-69	Friendship Cup	Pakistan	9-1	Tehran
13-Sep-69	RCD Cup		Pakistan	4-2	Ankara
17-Sep-69	RCD Cup		Turkey		0-4	Ankara
1-Sep-70	RCD Cup		Pakistan	7-0	Amjadiah
3-Sep-70	RCD Cup		Turkey		1-1	Tehran
10-Dec-70	Asian Games	Indonesia	2-2	Bangkok
11-Dec-70	Asian Games	South Korea	0-1	Bangkok
10-Sep-71	Friendly	South Korea	0-2	Seoul
12-Sep-71	Friendly	South Korea	2-0	Seoul
1-Jan-72	Oly. Games Qual	Kuwait		2-0	Amjadiah
1-Feb-72	Oly. Games Qual	Kuwait		2-0	Athens
4-May-72	Oly. Games Qual	North Korea	0-0	Pyongyang
7-May-72	Asian Ch.	Cambodia	2-0	Bangkok
10-May-72	Asian Ch.	Iraq		3-0	Bangkok
12-May-72	Asian Ch.	Thailand	3-2	Bangkok
17-May-72	Asian Ch.	Cambodia	2-1	Bangkok
19-May-72	Asian Ch.	South Korea	2-1	Bangkok
30-May-72	Oly. Games Qual	North Korea	0-0	Amjadiah
1-Jun-72	Oly. Games Qual	North Korea	2-0	Rawalpandi
11-Jun-72	BRAZIL INDP	Ireland		1-2	Recife
14-Jun-72	BRAZIL INDP	Portugal	0-3	Recife
21-Jun-72	BRAZIL INDP	Ecuador		1-1	Recife
25-Jun-72	BRAZIL INDP	Chile		1-2	Recife
27-Aug-72	OLY 		Hungary		0-5	Nuremburg
29-Aug-72	OLY		Denmark		0-4	Uxburg
31-Aug-72	OLY		Brazil		1-0	Raitsbon
4-May-73	WCQ		North Korea	0-0	Azadi
6-May-73	WCQ		Kuwait		2-1	Amjadiah
8-May-73	WCQ		Syria		1-0	Azadi
11-May-73	WCQ		North Korea	2-1	Azadi
13-May-73	WCQ		Kuwait		2-0	Amjadiah
15-May-73	WCQ		Syria		0-1	Amjadiah
12-Aug-73	Friendly	New Zealand	0-0	Auckland
18-Aug-73	WCQ		Australia	0-3	Sydney
24-Aug-73	WCQ		Australia	2-0	Azadi
17-Jan-74	RCD Cup		Pakistan	2-1	Karachi
19-Jan-74	RCD Cup		Turkey		0-1	Karachi
3-Sep-74	Asian Games	Pakistan	7-0	Amjadiah
5-Sep-74	Asian Games	Burma		2-1	Azadi
7-Sep-74	Asian Games	Bahrain		6-0	Amjadiah
9-Sep-74	Asian Games	Malaysia	1-0	Azadi
11-Sep-74	Asian Games	South Korea	2-0	Azadi
13-Sep-74	Asian Games	Iraq		1-0	Azadi
16-Sep-74	Asian Games	Israel		1-0	Azadi
20-Dec-74	Friendly	Czechoslovakia	0-1	Azadi
13-Jul-75	Iran Cup	USSR		1-0	Tehran
15-Jul-75	Iran Cup	USSR		0-1	Tehran
10-Aug-75	Friendly	Hungary		1-2	Azadi
20-Aug-75	Oly. Games Qual	Bahrain		3-0	Amjadiah
22-Aug-75	Oly. Games Qual	Kuwait		1-1	Azadi
24-Aug-75	Oly. Games Qual	Saudi Arabia	3-0	Amjadiah
24-Aug-75	Oly. Games Qual	Iraq		1-1	Azadi
28-May-76	Friendly	Brazil		2-2	Shiraz
1-Jun-76	Asian Ch.	Iraq		2-0	Azadi
3-Jun-76	Asian Ch.	South Yemen	8-0	Azadi
5-Jun-76	Asian Ch.	China		2-0	Azadi
13-Jun-76	Asian Ch.	Kuwait		1-0	Azadi
25-Jun-76	Friendly	USSR		1-0	Azadi
27-Jun-76	Friendly	USSR		2-2	Azadi
2-Jul-76	Friendly	Romania		2-2	Azadi
20-Jul-76	OLY		Cuba		1-0	Ottawa
22-Jul-76	OLY		Poland		2-3	Montreal
25-Jul-76	OLY		USSR		1-2	Sherbrouke
7-Jan-77	WCQ		Saudi Arabia	3-0	Riyadh
28-Jan-77	WCQ		Syria		1-0	Damascus
15-Mar-77	Friendly	Hungary		0-2	Amjadiah
22-Mar-77	Friendly	Argentina	1-1	Bernabu
22-Apr-77	WCQ		Saudi Arabia	2-0	Shiraz
19-Jun-77	WCQ		Hong Kong	2-0	Hong Kong
3-Jul-77	WCQ		South Korea	0-0	Busan
5-Aug-77	Friendly	Romania		0-0	Azadi
14-Aug-77	WCQ		Australia	1-0	Melbourne
1-Oct-77	Friendly	Hungary		3-1	Azadi
28-Oct-77	WCQ		Kuwait		1-0	Azadi
11-Nov-77	WCQ		South Korea	2-2	Azadi
18-Nov-77	WCQ		Hong Kong	3-0	Azadi
25-Nov-77	WCQ		Australia	1-0	Azadi
2-Dec-77	WCQ		Kuwait		2-1	Kuwait City
5-Apr-78	Friendly	Yugoslavia	0-0	Azadi
18-Apr-78	Friendly	Wales		0-1	Azadi
26-Apr-78	Friendly	Bulgaria	1-1	Azadi
11-May-78	Friendly	France		1-2	Toulouse
19-May-78	ASI/AFR		Ghana		3-0	Azadi
3-Jun-78	WC		Holland		0-3	Mendoza
7-Jun-78	WC		Scotland	1-1	Cordoba
11-Jun-78	WC		Peru		1-4	Cordoba
6-Sep-78	Friendly	USSR		0-1	Azadi
25-Feb-80	Oly. Games Qual	North Korea	0-0	Singapore
27-Feb-80	Oly. Games Qual	China		2-2	Singapore
1-Mar-80	Oly. Games Qual	Singapore	3-0	Singapore
7-Mar-80	Oly. Games Qual	India		2-0	Singapore
9-Mar-80	Oly. Games Qual	Sri Lanka	11-0	Singapore
12-Mar-80	Oly. Games Qual	Singapore	4-0	Singapore
5-Aug-80	Friendly	UAE		2-0	Al Ain
7-Aug-80	Friendly	UAE		3-0	Abu Dhabi
17-Sep-80	Asian Ch.	Syria		0-0	Kuwait City
20-Sep-80	Asian Ch.	China		2-2	Kuwait City
22-Sep-80	Asian Ch.	Bangladesh	7-0	Kuwait City
24-Sep-80	Asian Ch.	North Korea	3-2	Kuwait City
28-Sep-80	Asian Ch.	Kuwait		1-2	Kuwait City
29-Sep-80	Asian Ch.	North Korea	3-0	Kuwait City
15-Feb-82	Qaed-Azam Cup	China		0-0	Karachi
17-Feb-82	Qaed-Azam Cup	Pakistan	4-1	Karachi
19-Feb-82	Qaed-Azam Cup	Nepal		4-0	Karachi
23-Feb-82	Qaed-Azam Cup	Oman		4-0	Karachi
25-Feb-82	Qaed-Azam Cup	Bangladesh	9-0	Karachi
6-Mar-82	Friendly	North Korea	2-0	Tehran
20-Nov-82	Asian Games	Japan		0-1	New Delhi
23-Nov-82	Asian Games	South Korea	1-0	New Delhi
25-Nov-82	Asian Games	Yemen		2-0	New Delhi
28-Nov-82	Asian Games	Kuwait		0-1	New Delhi
25-Jun-84	Friendly	China		0-1	Beijing
7-Aug-84	Asian Ch. Qual.	Bangladesh	5-0	Jakarta
9-Aug-84	Asian Ch. Qual.	Syria		3-1	Jakarta
11-Aug-84	Asian Ch. Qual.	Thailand	5-0	Jakarta
13-Aug-84	Asian Ch. Qual.	Indonesia	1-0	Jakarta
15-Aug-84	Asian Ch. Qual.	Philippines	7-1	Jakarta
18-Aug-84	Asian Ch. Qual.	Syria		1-0	Jakarta
1-Dec-84	Asian Ch.	UAE		3-0	Singapore
3-Dec-84	Asian Ch.	China		2-0	Singapore
7-Dec-84	Asian Ch.	India		0-0	Singapore
10-Dec-84	Asian Ch.	Singapore	1-1	Singapore
13-Dec-84	Asian Ch.	Saudi Arabia	1-1	Singapore
16-Dec-84	Asian Ch.	Kuwait		1-1	Singapore
20-Jan-85	NEHRU CUP	Yugoslavia	1-3	Cochin
24-Jan-85	NEHRU CUP	China		4-0	Cochin
28-Jan-85	NEHRU CUP	USSR		0-2	Cochin
5-Feb-85	Friendly	North Korea	1-0	Mashad
16-Feb-86	Friendly	Pakistan	2-0	Tehran
20-Feb-86	Friendly	Ghana		2-0	Azadi
28-May-86	Friendly	China		1-2	Beijing
20-Sep-86	Friendly	Thailand	4-0	Seoul
22-Sep-86	Asian Games	Japan		2-0	Taejon City
24-Sep-86	Asian Games	Bangladesh	4-0	Taejon City
26-Sep-86	Asian Games	Kuwait		0-1	Taejon City
28-Sep-86	Asian Games	Nepal		6-0	Taejon City
1-Oct-86	Asian Games	South Korea	1-1	Busan
27-Feb-87	Oly. Games Qual	Kuwait		2-1	Doha
6-Mar-87	Oly. Games Qual	Kuwait		0-1	Doha
27-May-88	Asian Ch. Qual.	Hong Kong	2-0	Katmandu
29-May-88	Asian Ch. Qual.	Syria		1-1	Katmandu
2-Jun-88	Asian Ch. Qual.	North Korea	0-0	Katmandu
4-Jun-88	Asian Ch. Qual.	Nepal		3-0	Katmandu
2-Dec-88	Asian Ch.	Qatar		2-0	Doha
4-Dec-88	Asian Ch.	Japan		0-0	Doha
8-Dec-88	Asian Ch.	UAE		1-0	Doha
11-Dec-88	Asian Ch.	South Korea	0-3	Doha
15-Dec-88	Asian Ch.	Saudi Arabia	0-1	Doha
17-Dec-88	Asian Ch.	China		0-0	Doha
20-Jan-89	Friendly	Japan		2-2	Azadi
23-Feb-89	WCQ		Thailand	3-0	Bangkok
27-Feb-89	WCQ		Bangladesh	2-1	Dhaka
17-Mar-89	WCQ		Bangladesh	1-0	Azadi
30-May-89	WCQ		Thailand	3-0	Azadi
15-Jul-89	WCQ		China		0-2	Shenyang
22-Jul-89	WCQ		China		3-2	Azadi
1-Nov-89	P&F Tour	South Yemen	2-0	Kuwait City
3-Nov-89	P&F Tour	Guinea		1-1	Kuwait City
5-Nov-89	P&F Tour	Iraq		0-0	Kuwait City
8-Nov-89	P&F Tour	Uganda		2-2	Kuwait City
12-Nov-89	P&F Tour	Kuwait		0-1	Kuwait City
2-Feb-90	Friendly	Poland		0-2	Azadi
4-Feb-90	Friendly	Poland		0-1	Azadi
18-Feb-90	Friendly	USSR		0-1	Azadi
20-Feb-90	Friendly	USSR		0-1	Azadi
24-Sep-90	Asian Games	Malaysia	3-0	Beijing
28-Sep-90	Asian Games	North Korea	2-1	Beijing
1-Oct-90	Asian Games	Japan		1-0	Beijing
3-Oct-90	Asian Games	South Korea	1-0	Beijing
6-Oct-90	Asian Games	North Korea	0-0	Beijing
27-Sep-91	ASI/AFR		Algeria		2-1	Azadi
13-Oct-91	ASI/AFR		Algeria		0-1	Algiers
11-May-92	Asian Ch. Qual.	Pakistan	7-0	Calcutta
13-May-92	Asian Ch. Qual.	India		3-0	Calcutta
2-Oct-92	Friendly	Cameroon	1-1	Azadi
4-Oct-92	Friendly	Cameroon	0-0	Azadi
18-Oct-92	Friendly	Kuwait		1-1	Kuwait City
30-Oct-92	Asian Ch.	North Korea	2-0	Hiroshima
1-Nov-92	Asian Ch.	UAE		0-0	Hiroshima
3-Nov-92	Asian Ch.	Japan		0-1	Hiroshima
6-Jun-93	ACO Cup		Pakistan	5-0	Azadi
6-Jun-93	Friendly	Bosnia		1-3	Azadi
8-Jun-93	ACO Cup		Turkmenistan	2-1	Azadi
13-Jun-93	ACO Cup		Tajikistan	1-0	Azadi
14-Jun-93	ACO Cup		Turkmenistan	2-1	Azadi
23-Jun-93	WCQ		Oman		0-0	Azadi
25-Jun-93	WCQ		Taiwan		6-0	Azadi
27-Jun-93	WCQ		Syria		1-1	Azadi
2-Jul-93	WCQ		Oman		1-0	Damascus
4-Jul-93	WCQ		Taiwan		6-0	Damascus
6-Jul-93	WCQ		Syria		1-1	Damascus
16-Oct-93	WCQ		South Korea	0-3	Doha
18-Oct-93	WCQ		Japan		2-1	Doha
22-Oct-93	WCQ		Iraq		1-2	Doha
25-Oct-93	WCQ		North Korea	2-1	Doha
28-Oct-93	WCQ		Saudi Arabia	3-4	Doha
3-Oct-94	Asian Games	Bahrain		0-0	Hiroshima
5-Oct-94	Asian Games	Turkmenistan	1-1	Hiroshima
7-Oct-94	Asian Games	China		0-1	Hiroshima
9-Oct-94	Asian Games	Yemen		4-0	Hiroshima
26-Apr-96	Friendly	Turkmenistan	1-1	Ishq Abad
28-Apr-96	Friendly	Turkmenistan	0-1	Ishq Abad
17-May-96	Friendly	Qatar		2-0	Tabriz
27-May-96	Friendly	Kuwait		2-2	Kuwait City
30-May-96	Friendly	Kuwait		2-1	Kuwait City
1-Jun-96	Friendly	Qatar		1-0	Doha
10-Jun-96	Asian Ch. Qual.	Nepal		8-0	Azadi
12-Jun-96	Asian Ch. Qual.	Sri Lanka	7-0	Azadi
14-Jun-96	Asian Ch. Qual.	Oman		2-0	Azadi
17-Jun-96	Asian Ch. Qual.	Sri Lanka	4-0	Muscat
19-Jun-96	Asian Ch. Qual.	Nepal		4-0	Muscat
21-Jun-96	Asian Ch. Qual.	Oman		2-1	Muscat
4-Oct-96	Friendly	Kuwait		1-0	Kuwait City
13-Nov-96	Friendly	Lebanon		0-0	Beirut
25-Nov-96	Friendly	Turkmenistan	0-1	Azadi
7-Dec-96	Asian Ch.	Iraq		1-2	Dubai
9-Dec-96	Asian Ch.	Thailand	3-1	Dubai
11-Dec-96	Asian Ch.	Saudi Arabia	3-0	Dubai
16-Dec-96	Asian Ch.	South Korea	6-2	Dubai
19-Dec-96	Asian Ch.	Saudi Arabia	0-0	Dubai
23-Dec-96	Asian Ch.	Kuwait		1-1	Abu Dhabi
11-Apr-97	Friendly	Kuwait		2-0	Kuwait City
21-Apr-97	Friendly	Kenya		3-0	Azadi
27-Apr-97	Friendly	China		0-0	Beijing
2-Jun-97	WCQ		Maldives	17-0	Damascus
4-Jun-97	WCQ		Kyrgyzstan	7-0	Damascus
6-Jun-97	WCQ		Syria		1-0	Damascus
9-Jun-97	WCQ		Kyrgyzstan	3-1	Azadi
11-Jun-97	WCQ		Maldives	9-0	Azadi
13-Jun-97	WCQ		Syria		2-2	Azadi
17-Aug-97	Friendly	Canada		1-0	Toronto
2-Sep-97	Friendly	UAE		1-3	Abu Dhabi
13-Sep-97	WCQ		China		4-2	Dalian
21-Sep-97	WCQ		Saudi Arabia	1-1	Azadi
26-Sep-97	WCQ		Kuwait		1-1	Kuwait City
3-Oct-97	WCQ		Qatar		3-0	Azadi
17-Oct-97	WCQ		China		4-1	Azadi
24-Oct-97	WCQ		Saudi Arabia	0-1	Riyadh
31-Oct-97	WCQ		Kuwait		0-0	Azadi
7-Nov-97	WCQ		Qatar		0-2	Doha
16-Nov-97	WCQ		Japan		2-3	Johor Bahru
22-Nov-97	WCQ		Australia	1-1	Azadi
28-Nov-97	WCQ		Australia	2-2	Melbourne
28-Jan-98	Carlsberg Cup	Nigeria		0-1	Hong Kong
31-Jan-98	Carlsberg Cup	Chile		1-1	Hong Kong
14-Apr-98	Friendly	Kuwait		1-1	Tabriz
20-Apr-98	LG CUP		Hungary		0-2	Azadi
22-Apr-98	LG CUP		Jamaica		1-0	Azadi
3-Jun-98	Friendly	Croatia		0-2	Rejka
14-Jun-98	WC		Yugoslavia	0-1	Saint-Etienne
21-Jun-98	WC		USA		2-1	Lyon
26-Jun-98	WC		Germany		0-2	Montpellier
13-Oct-98	Friendly	Kuwait		0-3	Kuwait City
1-Dec-98	Asian Games	Kazakhstan	2-0	Si Sa Kat
5-Dec-98	Asian Games	Laos		6-1	Si Sa Kat
8-Dec-98	Asian Games	Oman		2-4	Suphachalasai
10-Dec-98	Asian Games	Tajikistan	5-0	Suphachalasai
12-Dec-98	Asian Games	China		2-1	Suphachalasai
14-Dec-98	Asian Games	Uzbekistan	4-0	Suphachalasai
16-Dec-98	Asian Games	China		1-0	Rajamangala
19-Dec-98	Asian Games	Kuwait		2-0	Rajamangala
15-Feb-99	Friendly	Kuwait		2-1	Kuwait City
3-Jun-99	Canada Cup	Ecuador		1-1	Edmonton
5-Jun-99	Canada Cup	Canada		1-0	Edmonton
7-Jun-99	Canada Cup	Guatemala	2-2	Edmonton
11-Aug-99	Friendly	Japan		1-1	Yokohama
10-Oct-99	Friendly	Denmark		0-0	Copenhagen
9-Jan-00	Friendly	Mexico		1-2	Oakland
12-Jan-00	Friendly	Ecuador		2-1	Los Angeles
16-Jan-00	Friendly	USA		1-1	Los Angeles
4-Feb-00	Friendly	Kuwait		1-1	Kuwait City
21-Mar-00	Friendly	Cyprus		0-0	Lefkosia
31-Mar-00	Asian Ch. Qual.	Maldives	8-0	Aleppo
2-Apr-00	Asian Ch. Qual.	Syria		1-0	Aleppo
4-Apr-00	Asian Ch. Qual.	Bahrain		0-1	Aleppo
7-Apr-00	Asian Ch. Qual.	Bahrain		3-0	Azadi
9-Apr-00	Asian Ch. Qual.	Syria		1-1	Azadi
11-Apr-00	Asian Ch. Qual.	Maldives	3-0	Azadi
24-May-00	WAFF		Kazakhstan	3-0	Amman
26-May-00	WAFF		Palestine	1-1	Amman
28-May-00	WAFF		Syria		1-0	Amman
30-May-00	WAFF		Jordan		1-0	Amman
2-Jun-00	WAFF		Syria		1-0	Amman
7-Jun-00	LG CUP		Egypt		1-1	Azadi
9-Jun-00	LG CUP		Macedonia	3-1	Azadi
16-Aug-00	Friendly	Georgia		2-1	Azadi
1-Sep-00	Friendly	Austria		1-5	Vienna
27-Sep-00	Friendly	Qatar		2-1	Doha
12-Oct-00	Asian Ch.	Lebanon		4-0	Beirut
15-Oct-00	Asian Ch.	Thailand	1-1	Beirut
17-Oct-00	Asian Ch.	Iraq		1-0	Sidon
23-Oct-00	Asian Ch.	South Korea	1-2	Tripoli
24-Nov-00	WCQ		Guam		19-0	Tabriz
28-Nov-00	WCQ		Tajikistan	2-0	Tabriz
19-Jan-01	Friendly	China		4-0	Azadi
24-Apr-01	LG CUP		South Korea	0-1	Cairo
26-Apr-01	LG CUP		Canada		0-1	Cairo
22-Jul-01	Friendly	Bosnia		2-2	Bihac
1-Aug-01	Friendly	Qatar		1-2	Doha
8-Aug-01	LG CUP		Oman		5-2	Azadi
10-Aug-01	LG CUP		Bosnia		4-0	Azadi
15-Aug-01	Friendly	Slovakia	4-3	Bratislava,
24-Aug-01	WCQ		Saudi Arabia	2-0	Azadi
1-Sep-01	WCQ		Thailand	0-0	Bangkok
7-Sep-01	WCQ		Iraq		2-1	Baghdad
14-Sep-01	WCQ		Bahrain		0-0	Azadi
28-Sep-01	WCQ		Saudi Arabia	2-2	Jeddah
5-Oct-01	WCQ		Thailand	1-0	Azadi
12-Oct-01	WCQ		Iraq		2-1	Azadi
19-Oct-01	WCQ		Bahrain		1-3	Manama
25-Oct-01	WCQ		UAE		1-0	Azadi
31-Oct-01	WCQ		UAE		3-0	Abu Dhabi
10-Nov-01	WCQ		Ireland		0-2	Dublin
15-Nov-01	WCQ		Ireland		1-0	Azadi
6-Feb-02	Friendly	Slovakia	2-3	Azadi
1-Mar-02	LG CUP		Venezuela	1-0	Casablanca
3-Mar-02	LG CUP		Algeria		0-0	Casablanca
4-Apr-02	WAG		Palestine	2-2	Kuwait City
12-Apr-02	WAG		Kuwait		0-0	Kuwait City
30-May-02	Friendly	Kuwait		3-1	Kuwait City
11-Aug-02	Friendly	Azerbaijan	1-1	Tabriz
21-Aug-02	Friendly	Ukraine		1-0	Kiev
30-Aug-02	WAFF		Jordan		0-1	Damascus
3-Sep-02	WAFF		Lebanon		2-0	Damascus
5-Sep-02	WAFF		Iraq		0-0	Damascus
7-Sep-02	WAFF		Syria		2-2	Damascus
17-Sep-02	LG CUP		Morocco		1-1	Tabriz
19-Sep-02	LG CUP		Paraguay	1-1	Tabriz
1-Feb-03	Carlsberg Cup	Denmark		1-0	Hong Kong
4-Feb-03	Carlsberg Cup	Uruguay		1-1	Hong Kong
30-May-03	LG CUP		Cameroon	1-2	Abuja
13-Aug-03	LG CUP		Iraq		0-1	Azadi
15-Aug-03	LG CUP		Cameroon	4-1	Azadi
20-Aug-03	Friendly	Belarus		1-2	Minsk
5-Sep-03	Asian Ch. Qual.	Jordan		4-1	Azadi
26-Sep-03	Asian Ch. Qual.	Jordan		2-3	Amman
12-Oct-03	AFC/OFC Chal	New Zealand	3-0	Azadi
27-Oct-03	Asian Ch. Qual.	North Korea	3-1	Pyongyang
12-Nov-03	Asian Ch. Qual.	North Korea	1-0	Azadi
19-Nov-03	Asian Ch. Qual.	Lebanon		3-0	Beirut
28-Nov-03	Asian Ch. Qual.	Lebanon		1-0	Azadi
2-Dec-03	Friendly	Kuwait		1-3	Kuwait City
18-Feb-04	WCQ		Qatar		3-1	Azadi
31-Mar-04	WCQ		Laos		7-0	Vientiane
9-Jun-04	WCQ		Jordan		0-1	Azadi
17-Jun-04	WAFF		Lebanon		4-0	Azadi
21-Jun-04	WAFF		Syria		7-1	Azadi
23-Jun-04	WAFF		Iraq		2-1	Azadi
25-Jun-04	WAFF		Syria		4-1	Azadi
20-Jul-04	Asian Ch.	Thailand	3-0	Chongqing
24-Jul-04	Asian Ch.	Oman		2-2	Chongqing
28-Jul-04	Asian Ch.	Japan		0-0	Chongqing
31-Jul-04	Asian Ch.	South Korea	4-3	Jinan
3-Aug-04	Asian Ch.	China		1-1	Beijing
6-Aug-04	Asian Ch.	Bahrain		4-2	Beijing
8-Sep-04	WCQ		Jordan		2-0	Amman
9-Oct-04	Friendly	Germany		0-2	Azadi
13-Oct-04	WCQ		Qatar		3-2	Doha
17-Nov-04	WCQ		Laos		7-0	Azadi
18-Dec-04	Friendly	Panama		1-0	Azadi
2-Feb-05	Friendly	Bosnia		2-1	Azadi
9-Feb-05	WCQ		Bahrain		0-0	Manama
25-Mar-05	WCQ		Japan		2-1	Azadi
30-Mar-05	WCQ		North Korea	2-0	Pyongyang
29-May-05	Friendly	Azerbaijan	2-1	Azadi
3-Jun-05	WCQ		North Korea	1-0	Azadi
8-Jun-05	WCQ		Bahrain		1-0	Azadi
17-Aug-05	WCQ		Japan		1-2	Yokohama
24-Aug-05	Friendly	Libya		4-0	Azadi
12-Oct-05	Friendly	South Korea	0-2	Seoul
11-Nov-05	Friendly	Togo		2-0	Azadi
22-Feb-06	Asian Ch. Qual.	Taiwan		4-0	Azadi
 1-Mar-06	Friendly	Costa Rica	3-2	Azadi
28-May-06	Friendly	Croatia		2-2	Osijek
31-May-06	Friendly	Bosnia-Herzeg.	5-2	Azadi
11-Jun-06	WC		Mexico		1-3	Nürnberg
17-Jun-06	WC		Portugal	0-2	Frankfurt am Main
21-Jun-06	WC		Angola		1-1	Leipzig
 8-Aug-06	Friendly	UAE		1-0	Azadi
16-Aug-06	Asian Ch. Qual.	Syria		1-1	Azadi
 2-Sep-06	Asian Ch. Qual.	South Korea	1-1	Seoul
 6-Sep-06	Asian Ch. Qual.	Syria		2-0	Damascus
 4-Oct-06	LG Cup		Iraq		2-0	Amman
 6-Oct-06	LG Cup		Jordan		0-0	Amman
11-Oct-06	Asian Ch. Qual.	Taiwan		2-0	Taipei
15-Nov-06	Asian Ch. Qual.	South Korea	2-0	Azadi
12-Jan-07	Friendly	UAE		2-0	Abu Dhabi
 7-Feb-07	Friendly	Belarus		2-2	Azadi
24-Mar-07	Friendly	Qatar		1-0	Doha
 2-Jun-07	Friendly	Mexico		0-4	San Luis Potosí
16-Jun-07	WAFF		Iraq		0-0	Amman
20-Jun-07	WAFF		Palestine	2-0	Amman
22-Jun-07	WAFF		Jordan		1-0	Amman
24-Jun-07	WAFF		Iraq		2-1	Amman
28-Jun-07	Friendly	Ghana U-23	4-2	Azadi
 2-Jul-07	Friendly	Jamaica		8-1	Azadi
11-Jul-07	Asian Ch.	Uzbekistan	2-1	Kuala Lumpur
15-Jul-07	Asian Ch.	China		2-2	Kuala Lumpur
18-Jul-07	Asian Ch.	Malaysia	2-0	Kuala Lumpur
22-Jul-07	Asian Ch.	South Korea	0-0	Kuala Lumpur   (2-4 pen, AET)
10-Jan-08	Friendly	Qatar		0-0	Doha
30-Jan-08	Friendly	Costa Rica	0-0	Azadi
 6-Feb-08	WCQ		Syria		0-0	Azadi
21-Mar-08	Friendly	Bahrain		0-1	Riffa
26-Mar-08	WCQ		Kuwait		2-2	Kuwait City
25-May-08	Friendly	Zambia		3-2	Azadi
 2-Jun-08	WCQ		UAE		0-0	Azadi
 7-Jun-08	WCQ		UAE		1-0	Al-Ain
14-Jun-08	WCQ		Syria		2-0	Damascus
22-Jun-08	WCQ		Kuwait		2-0	Azadi
 7-Aug-08	WAFF		Palestine	3-0	Azadi
11-Aug-08	WAFF		Qatar		6-1	Takhti
13-Aug-08	WAFF		Syria		2-0	Takhti
15-Aug-08	WAFF		Jordan		2-1	Azadi
27-Aug-08	Friendly	Azerbaijan	1-0	Azadi
 6-Sep-08	WCQ		Saudi Arabia	1-1	Riyadh
15-Oct-08	WCQ		North Korea	2-1	Azadi
 9-Nov-08	Friendly	Qatar		1-0	Doha
19-Nov-08	WCQ		UAE		1-1	Dubai
17-Dec-08	Oman Tournament	Ecuador		0-1	Muscat
19-Dec-08	Oman Tournament	China		2-0	Muscat
 9-Jan-09	Friendly	China		3-1	Azadi
14-Jan-09	Asian Ch. Qual.	Singapore	6-0	Azadi
28-Jan-09	Asian Ch. Qual.	Thailand	0-0	Bangkok
11-Feb-09	WCQ		South Korea	1-1	Azadi
14-Mar-09	Friendly	Kenya		1-0	Azadi
23-Mar-09	Friendly	Kuwait		1-0	Kuwait City
28-Mar-09	WCQ		Saudi Arabia	1-2	Azadi
 1-Apr-09	Friendly	Senegal		1-1	Azadi
26-May-09	Friendly	Indonesia U23	5-0	Karaj
 1-Jun-09	Friendly	China		0-1	Qinhuangdao
 6-Jun-09	WCQ		North Korea	0-0	Pyongyang
10-Jun-09	WCQ		UAE		1-0	Azadi
17-Jun-09	WCQ		South Korea	1-1	Seoul
 5-Jul-09	Friendly	Botswana	1-1	Gaborone
12-Aug-09	Friendly	Bosnia-Herzeg.	3-2	Sarajevo
31-Aug-09	Friendly	Bahrain		2-4	Riffa
 5-Sep-09	Friendly	Uzbekistan	0-0	Tashkent
10-Nov-09	Friendly	Iceland		1-0	Azadi
14-Nov-09	Asian Ch. Qual.	Jordan		1-0	Azadi
18-Nov-09	Friendly	Macedonia	1-1	Azadi
22-Nov-09	Asian Ch. Qual.	Jordan		0-1	Amman
28-Dec-09	Doha Tournament	Qatar		2-3	Doha
30-Dec-09	Doha Tournament	Mali		1-2	Doha
 2-Jan-10	Doha Tournament	North Korea	1-0	Doha
 6-Jan-10	Asian Ch. Qual.	Singapore	3-1	Singapore
 3-Mar-10	Asian Ch. Qual.	Thailand	1-0	Azadi
11-Aug-10	Friendly	Armenia		3-1	Yerevan
 3-Sep-10	Friendly	China		2-0	Zhengzhou
 7-Sep-10	Friendly	South Korea	1-0	Seoul
24-Sep-10	WAFF		Bahrain		3-0	Amman
28-Sep-10	WAFF		Oman		2-2	Amman
 1-Oct-10	WAFF		Iraq		2-1	Amman
 3-Oct-10	WAFF		Kuwait		1-2	Amman
 7-Oct-10	Friendly	Brazil		0-3	Abu Dhabi
28-Dec-10	Friendly	Qatar		0-0	Doha
 2-Jan-11	Friendly	Angola		1-0	Doha
11-Jan-11	Asia Cup	Iraq		2-1	Ar-Rayyan
15-Jan-11	Asia Cup	North Korea	1-0	Doha
19-Jan-11	Asia Cup	UAE		3-0	Doha
22-Jan-11	Asia Cup	South Korea	0-1	Doha		(AET)
 9-Feb-11	Friendly	Russia		1-0	Abu Dhabi
17-Jul-11	Friendly	Madagascar	1-0	Azadi
23-Jul-11	WCQ		Maldives	4-0	Azadi
28-Jul-11	WCQ		Maldives	1-0	Malé
 2-Sep-11	WCQ		Indonesia	3-0	Azadi
 6-Sep-11	WCQ		Qatar		1-1	Doha
 5-Oct-11	Friendly	Palestine	7-0	Azadi
11-Oct-11	WCQ		Bahrain		6-0	Azadi
11-Nov-11	WCQ		Bahrain		1-1	Riffa
15-Nov-11	WCQ		Indonesia	4-1	Jakarta
23-Feb-12	Friendly	Jordan		2-2	Dubai
29-Feb-12	WCQ		Qatar		2-2	Azadi
18-Apr-12	Friendly	Mauritania	2-0	Azadi
 2-May-12	Friendly	Mozambique	3-0	Karaj
27-May-12	Friendly	Albania		0-1	Istanbul
 3-Jun-12	WCQ		Uzbekistan	1-0	Tashkent
12-Jun-12	WCQ		Qatar		0-0	Azadi
15-Aug-12	Friendly	Tunisia		2-2	Kecskemét
 5-Sep-12	Friendly	Jordan		0-0	Amman
11-Sep-12	WCQ		Lebanon		0-1	Beirut
16-Oct-12	WCQ		South Korea	1-0	Azadi
 6-Nov-12	Friendly	Tajikistan	6-1	Azadi
14-Nov-12	WCQ		Uzbekistan	0-1	Azadi
 9-Dec-12	WAFF		Saudi Arabia	0-0	Kuwait City
12-Dec-12	WAFF		Bahrain		0-0	Kuwait City
15-Dec-12	WAFF		Yemen		2-1	Kuwait City
 6-Feb-13	Asian Ch. Qual.	Lebanon		5-0	Azadi
26-Mar-13	Asian Ch. Qual.	Kuwait		1-1	Kuwait City
22-May-13	Friendly	Oman		1-3	Muscat
 4-Jun-13	WCQ		Qatar		1-0	Doha
11-Jun-13	WCQ		Lebanon		4-0	Azadi
18-Jun-13	WCQ		South Korea	1-0	Ulsan
15-Oct-13	Asian Ch. Qual.	Thailand	2-1	Azadi
15-Nov-13	Asian Ch. Qual.	Thailand	3-0	Bangkok
19-Nov-13	Asian Ch. Qual.	Lebanon		4-1	Beirut
 3-Mar-14	Asian Ch. Qual.	Kuwait		3-2	Karaj
 5-Mar-14	Friendly	Guinea		1-2	Azadi
18-May-14	Friendly	Belarus		0-0	Kapfenberg
26-May-14	Friendly	Montenegro	0-0	Hartberg
30-May-14	Friendly	Angola		1-1	Hartberg
 8-Jun-14	Friendly	Trinidad/Tobago	2-0	São Paulo
16-Jun-14	WC		Nigeria		0-0	Curitiba
21-Jun-14	WC		Argentina	0-1	Belo Horizonte
25-Jun-14	WC		Bosnia-Herzeg.	1-3	Salvador
18-Nov-14	Friendly	South Korea	1-0	Azadi
 4-Jan-15	Friendly	Iraq		1-0	Wollongong
11-Jan-15	Asian Ch.	Bahrain		2-0	Melbourne
15-Jan-15	Asian Ch.	Qatar		1-0	Sydney
19-Jan-15	Asian Ch.	UAE		1-0	Brisbane
23-Jan-15	Asian Ch.	Iraq		3-3	Canberra	(6-7 pen, AET)
26-Mar-15	Friendly	Chile		2-0	St Pölten
31-Mar-15	Friendly	Sweden		1-3	Solna

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