Iraq - Regional Competitions Kurdistan 2018

Kurdistan Premier League

Kurdistan Premier League

NB: 12th edition;
    9 clubs participated after 5 clubs pulled out (Sirwani Newe due to financial issues, 
    Kirkuk and North Oil Company clubs due to the presence of the Iraqi army, and 2 clubs 
    from Hashd al-Shaabi are based in the disputed areas outside of the Kurdistan Regional

Round 1 [Jan 25]
Zakho FC         1-0 Hawler 
Ararat           1-1 Hawler Peshmerga FC 
Sherwana FC      1-0 Brayati FC
Zeravani SC      0-1 Handren
Newroz FC        bye 
Final Table:

 1.Zeravani SC                             16        31  Champions     
 2.Brayati FC (Erbil)                      16        28   
 3.Handren                                 16        25   
 4.Ararat                                  16        21   
 5.Hawler  [aka Erbil SC]                  16        20                   
 6.Newroz FC                               16        18    
 7.Zakho FC                                16        18   
 8.Hawler Peshmerga FC (Sulymaniah)        16        16     
 9.Sherwana FC                             16        16

NB: Hawler (Erbil SC) were champions on 3 occasions


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