Iraq 1973/74

NB: last season with a 'League of the Institutes', first time covering
    Iraq rather than just Baghdad.  In 1974/75 a first nationwide 
    league of clubs was played.

Name change before season:
Fareeka Al-Thalatha (Third Battalion) were renamed Salah-Al-Deen.

Final Ranking

 1.Al-Tayaran             23 pts                              
 2.Aliyat Al-Shurta       20                 
 3.Al-Minaa               19  [=Port; from Basra]
 4.Quwat Al-Nasr          18                 
 5.Salah Al-Deen          17                                                                    6-kahrabaa          17   
 6.Kahraba                17
 7.Sikak Al-Hadeed        16  [=Railway]
 8.Shurta Al-Najda        16
 9.Al-Bareed                  [=Post Office]
10.Samawa                     [Samawa]
11.Maslaha Naqil Al-Rakab                    
12.Babil                      [Hila]
13.Shurtat Arbil              [Arbeel]
14.Shurtat Sulimaniya         [Sulaimania]
15.Al-Rafidain                [Diwania]   

NB: the league comprised 15 clubs        

Full name of Tayaran: Al-Tayaran Al-Madeniya (=Civil Aviation)
Full name of Sikak: Al-Sikak Al-Hadeed (=Railway)

After the season Sikak merged with Maslaha to Al-Naqil (=Transport)
who played in the 1974/75 first national club league.

Iraqi Cup 1973-1974

11? teams from Baghdad took part in the Iraqi Cup;
  First Division: Al-Tayaran, Aliyat Al-Shurta, Maslaha Naqil Al-Rakab,
                  Kahraba, Sikak Al-Hadeed, Shurta Al-Najda, Quwat Al-Nasr,
                  Salah Al-Deen, Al-Bareed;
  Second Division: Al-Asha, Esla Al-Mae, Shurta Al-Murour, Handasa Al-Kahrabai,
                   Salah-Al-Deen B, Al-Ziyout Al-Nabatia, Kahraba B, 
                   Al-Tamween Wa Al-Naqil, Kuliya Al-Shurta, Al-Tayaran B, 
                   Quwat Al-Qatiba.

First Match [Feb 26, Al-Shaab Stadium]
Esla Al-Mae  -  Al-Bareed
NB: Al-Tayaran defeated Quwa Salahaddin B, Al-Najda and Quwa Salahaddin B during the tournament

Final [Apr 27, Al-Shaab Stadium, Baghdad]
Al-Tayaran  2-1 Sikak Al-Hadeed 
  [Qusai Qasim, Falah Hassan; Hazim Jassam]



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