Jamaica vs Caribbean All Stars 1952

Matches played in 1952 as a result of the formation of the Caribbean
Amateur Football Association


All matches were played at Sabina Park, Kingston (Jamaica)

Jamaica 1-5 Caribbean All Stars
Jamaica 2-1 Caribbean All Stars
Jamaica 0-1 Caribbean All Stars (Some sources do not list this match)
Jamaica 1-0 Caribbean All Stars

Series Drawn

Jamaica      4 2-0-2 4-7 4
Caribbean AS 4 2-0-2 7-4 4

Caribbean All Stars squad:
Selected from the 8 member territories (excluding Jamaica) - Trinidad/Tobago,
Guadeloupe, Aruba, Surinam, British Guyana, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo (now
Dominican Republic)

Joey Gonzales (Trinidad/T), Gerry Parsons (Trinidad/T), Delbert Charleau (Trinidad/T),
André Dieudonne (Haiti), Manny de Souza (British Guyana), Yvon Dorceans (Haiti),
Rafael baez Guillen (Puerto Rico), André Vieux (Haiti), Jacques Banguillot (Guadeloupe),
Humphrey Mynals (Surinam), Michel Kruin (Surinam), Rudie Kamperveen (Surinam),
Charles Banguillot (Guadeloupe), Paul Desrosiers (Haiti), M Moore (British Guyana)

Also this year, a test series against Surinam may have taken place - no details known.

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