Cameroon - List of Women Champions

no data before 1991 available

1991  Canon (Yaoundé)
1993  Cosmos (Douala) 
1994  Canon (Yaoundé) [runners-up : Lorema (Yaoundé)]
1996    runners-up: Lorema (Yaoundé)
1998  Lorema (Yaoundé)
2000  Canon (Yaoundé)
2001    no data (Ngondi-Nkam (Yabassi)?)
2002  Magic Bafoussam
2003  Ngondi Nkam (Yabassi)
2004  Canon (Yaoundé)
2005    unknown
2006  Canon (Yaoundé)
2007  Canon (Yaoundé) 
2008  Lorema (Yaoundé) 
2009    not held
2010  Franck Rohlicek de Douala
2011  Louves Miniproff de Yaoundé
2012  Louves Miniproff de Yaoundé
2013  Caïman FF de Douala        

NB: Lorema signifies "Laisse moi passer" and were founded 1993 by
    dissident members of Canon Sportif (Yaoundé)

The 2003 edition was announced as the 10th since 1989; it was also
reported in 2003 that there had been no championship in 1993, 1994,
suggesting that the 1994 title above may refer to a regional league
in Yaoundé only.

Ngondi-Nkam (Yabassi) are reported as champions 2001 and 2002 but this
may again refer only to a regional league (of the Province du Littoral).
Their name is also given as Ngon Dikam in various sources.

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