Pacific Coast International Championship (Kennedy Cup)

Inspired by the International Soccer League of the East coast and midwest, a more modest competition, the Pacific Coast International Championship, was organized in Los Angeles on Memorial Day weekend with four teams representing three nations competing for the President Kennedy Trophy. St. Stephens, champion of the Greater Los Angeles League, San Francisco Scots, champions of the San Francisco league, Westminster Royals of Vancouver, Canada and the Mexico National "B" team competed in a four-game knockout competition. Mexico was actually an all-star squad of Second Division League, since the league was still in season and defending champs were committed to the remaining schedule.


1961  Mexico "B"
1962  Vancouver Firefighters
1963  Mexico "B"
1964  Mexico "B"
1965  Mexico "B"
1966  Vancouver Firefighters
1967  Victoria O'Keefe's 

Number of Wins (7).

 4 Mexico "B"		
 2 Vancouver Firefighters
 1 Victoria O'Keefe's

1961 Pacific Coast International Championship

Rancho Ciénega Stadium, Los Angeles (7000)

[May 28]
Westminster Royals           3-0 San Francisco Scots
  [Coyle 17, James 53, Crisp 61]
Los Angeles St. Stephens     1-2 Mexico Selects
  [Helmut Bicek 73; Carlos Zapata 47, 81]

Third Place Match
[May 30]
Los Angeles St. Stephens     1-1 San Francisco Scots

NB: Third place shared

[May 30]
Mexico Selects               3-0 Westminster Royals
  [Carlos Zapata 3, Armando Garrido 23, 29]

Mexico - Luis Septién, Antonio Zamano, Everardo Aceves, Alberto Heredia, Raúl Chanes, 
  Alfredo Echavarri, Daniel López, Armando Garrido, Carlos Calderón, Catarino Tafoya, Carlos Zapata

Canada - Schweitzer, Stothard, Roy Cairns, Cowie, Green, Paton, Coyle, Crossan, Crisp, Stewart,

1962 Pacific Coast International Championship

Wrigley Field, Los Angeles (5000)

[May 27]
Mexican Selects              5-3 San Francisco Scots      [aet]
  [Armando Garrido (2), Carlos Calderón (2), Carlos Zapata; Wallen (2), Fraser]
Vancouver Firefighters       4-4 Los Angeles Kickers      [aet; 3-1pen] x
x-The Firefighters vs. Kickers game was tied at 3-3 after the regular game. Two 30 minute
overtimes were played at it was still 3-3.  Another 15 minute over was played and it was tied
4-4.  In the penalty kicks Vancouver took all three and scored all three.  Then LA took one
and missed.

Third Place Match
[May 30]
Los Angeles Kickers          2-2 San Francisco Scots

NB: Third place shared

[May 30]
Vancouver Firefighters       2-1 Mexican Selects
  [Kruger 75, Bishop 79; Ceballos 86]

Post exhibition match (for the "Friendship Cup")
[Jun 3]
San Francisco Stars          1-2 Mexican Selects

1963 Pacific Coast International Championship

East L.A. College Stadium, Monterey Park, Los Angeles

NB: Mexican Selects were the Mexico 2nd Division XI (Selección de la Segunda División) 
    reinforced with 4 top players from the 1st division: Raúl Cárdenas, Pedro Nájera,
    Carlos González and Ernesto Cisneros.

[May 26]
Vancouver Canadians          3-0 San Francisco Teutonia   [aet]
  [McEachnie, Ferrier, Coyle]
Mexican Selects              2-0 Los Angeles Kickers-Victoria
  [Carlos González 12, Francisco Arredondo 83]
  [Mexican Selects: Iniestra; Crespo, Núñez, Cárdenas; Nájera, Millán;
                    S.Cisneros, Pulido, E.Cisneros, González, Arredondo.]

Third Place Match
[May 30]
Los Angeles Kickers-Victoria 4-1 San Francisco Teutonia
  [Tony Helle (2), Royal Mata, Eberhard Herz; Albert Korbus]

[May 30]
Mexican Selects              3-0 Vancouver Canadians
  [Carlos González 13, 14, Ernesto Cisneros 48]
  [Mexican Selects: Iniestra; Crespo, Ceballos, Núñez; Nájera, Cárdenas;
                    S.Cisneros, Pulido, E.Cisneros, González, Arredondo]

Most valuable player: Francisco Arredondo (Mexico)

Post Exhibition matches
Balboa Stadium, San Francisco
[Jun 2] (for the "Friendship Cup")
San Francisco United         0-3 Méxican Selects 3
  [Francisco Arredondo 21, Ernesto Cisneros 51, 86]
  [Mexican Selects: Iniestra; Crespo, Ceballos, Cárdenas; Nájera, Millán;
                    S.Cisneros, Martínez, E.Cisneros, González, Arredondo;
   9 S.F. United players were on strike, so the home team was actually a
   combination of United and Teutonia.]

[Jun 9]
Wolverhampton Wanderers      3-0 Mexico Selects
  [Ted Farmer 11, Chris Crowe 16, Terry Wharton 90]
  [Mexican Selects: Iniestra; Crespo, Ceballos, Millán; Cárdenas, Núñez;
                    Aussin, Nájera, González, Flores, Arredondo.]

1964 Pacific Coast International Championship

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

[Apr 25]
Mexican Selects              5-0 San Francisco
  [Francisco Arredondo 4, Carlos González 43, 62, Mauro Franco 76, Porfirio Gutiérrez 83]
Vancouver British Columbia   3-2 Los Angeles

Third Place Match
[Apr 26]
Los Angeles                  5-2 San Francisco

[Apr 26]
Mexican Selects              4-3 Vancouver British Columbia
  [Carlos González 30, Francisco Arredondo 43, Everardo Aceves 47, Mauro Franco; 
   Steve Djorich 10, Art Hughes, Carlos Franco]

1965 Pacific Coast International Championship

Unidad Deportiva Casa de la Juventud (INJM), Tijuana, Mexico (6000)

Round 1
[May 1]
San Francisco                0-4 Mexican Selects
  [Carlos González 19, 75, Francisco Arredondo 52, Genaro Torres]
Los Angeles Kickers          3-1 Baja California All-Stars
Vancouver Firefighters       bye

Round 2
[May 2]
Vancouver Firefighters       6-0 San Francisco
  [Prischwe 4, Hughes 42, Smith 53, 63, McCnand 56, Boyd 78pen]
Mexican Selects              1-1 Los Angeles Kickers
  [Juan González 8; Hamid Shirisigdian 70]
Baja California All-stars    bye

Round 3
[May 3]
Los Angeles Kickers          4-4 San Francisco
  [Ralph Mosikian 13, Hamid Shirisigdian 18, Roberto Sotomayor 36, 
   Warren Mata 75; John Broadie 4, 65, Al Korbus 35, Mike O’Brien 48]
Vancouver Firefighters       1-0 Baja California All-stars
  [Hughes 6]
Mexican Selects              bye

Round 4
[May 4]
Mexican Selects              2-0 Vancouver Firefighters
  [Álvaro del Peral, Carlos González]
San Francisco                5-3 Baja California All-Stars
  [Jan Frazer, Henry Camacho, Mike O’Brien, John Broadie (pen), 
   Al Korbus; Mario Bobadilla (2), Zirilo López] 
Los Angeles Kickers          bye

Round 5
[May 5]
Mexican Selects              6-0 Baja California All-Stars
  [Heraclio Martínez (2), Carlos González, Juan González, Álvaro del Peral, Rogelio González] 
Los Angeles Kickers          1-0 Vancouver Firefighters
  [Fred Cameron]
San Francisco                bye

Final Table
Mexican Selects           4  3  1  0 13: 1 +12  7
Los Angeles All-Stars     4  1  3  0  9: 7  +2  5
Vancouver Firefighters    4  2  1  1  8: 3  +5  5
San Francisco             4  1  1  2  9:17  -8  3
Baja California All-stars 4  0  0  4  4:15 -11  0

1966 Pacific Coast International Championship

Held in San Francisco, California

NB: Mexican Selects did not enter due to its participation in X. Central American and
    Caribbean Games, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, replaced by a team from El Salvador.

[May 7]
Vancouver Firefighters       3-0 San Francisco
Los Angeles Selects          2-0 Universidad de El Salvador

Third Place Match
[May 8]
San Francisco                2-1 Universidad de El Salvador

[May 8]
Vancouver Firefighters       6-0 Los Angeles Selects

NB: On December 2, 1966, Mexican FA announced the return of Mexican team for 1967 edition.

1967 Pacific Coast International Championship

Empire Stadium, Vancouver, Canada

[May 6]
Victoria O'Keefe's           3-1 Los Angeles All-Stars
Mexico Selects               1-1 San Francisco                [Mexico won on penalty kicks]

Third Place Match
[May 7]
Los Angeles All-Stars        0-0 San Francisco

NB: Third place shared

[May 7]
Victoria O'Keefe's           2-1 Mexico Selects
  [Bob Smith (pen), Joe Alexis 82; Jesús Arzate 89]

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