Congo-Brazzaville - Foundation Dates Clubs

1910  Club Athlétique Brazzavillois (aka Elephants) 
1910  Gobi (military club)
1926  Etoile du Congo (Brazzaville) [founded as Club scolaire brazzavillois]
1927  Napoléon I (Brazzaville)     
1935  Club Athlétique Renaissance Aiglon (Brazzaville) [CARA]
1942  AS Cheminots (Pointe-Noire)
1947  Etudiants de la boule ronde [merger of 3 older clubs, Saint Vincent A and B and Centre Emile Maudzou]
1950  CSMD Diables Noirs (Brazzaville) [founded as AS Mission]
      AS Police (Pointe-Noire)
1951  Espoir du Niari (Dolisie) [founded as Etoile A]
      Charlemagne (Dolisie) [founded as Etoile B]
1952  Victoria Club Mokanda (Pointe-Noire)
1953  AC Léopards (Dolisie) [founded as Saint Paul de Dolisie] 
1967  Inter Club (Brazzaville)
1970  Kotoko MFOA (Brazzaville)
1982  EPB (Pointe-Noire)
      Carpillon (Sibiti)
1984  FC Ngando (Brazzaville)
1989  AS Police (Brazzaville)
1993  AS Ponténégrine (Pointe-Noire) [on Nov 24]
1997  FC Pelerin (Pointe-Noire)
2003  AS Kondzo (Bazzaville)
2005  ACNFF (Brazzaville)
2007  FC Bilombe (Pointe-Noire)
2010  Tongo FC (Brazzaville)
2011  FC Nathaly's (Pointe-Noire)

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