Linzer ASK (Austria) tour of Asia 1953

10-1 Calcutta    Mohun Bagan         0-0  LASK
11-1 Calcutta    Bengal XI           0-2  LASK
 ?-1 Calcutta    India               0-4  LASK  (due to extreme heat, the match was 50 
                                                 minutes in duration)
17-1 Saigon      Police              4-5  LASK
18-1 Saigon      S.Vietnam XI        2-3  LASK
 ?-1 Saigon      AJS (club)          0-1  LASK
 ?-1 Saigon      S.Vietnam B         1-8  LASK
25-1 Saigon      S.Vietnam A         1-4  LASK
 ?-1 Phnom Penh  Cambodia            2-4  LASK
 1-2 Macao       Macao               1-8  LASK
 5-2 Manila      NCAA Selection      1-5  LASK *
 6-2 Manila      Singapore           4-5  LASK
 8-2 Manila      Manila League XI    1-7  LASK
10-2 Manila      All-Manila          2-12 LASK
14-2 Hong Kong   Hong Kong           2-3  LASK
16-2 Hong Kong   Hong Kong Selection 5-2  LASK
17-2 Hong Kong   Combined Chinese    1-5  LASK

* NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) defeated UAAP (University Athletic Association
  of the Philippines) in a playoff for the right to face LASK; the losers faced Singapore.

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