Lebanon - International Results - Early History


In 1933 Nassif Majdalani founded the very first sports federation in the country, the Lebanese Football Association and a year later the Lebanese national team played its first game against Romanian side Altak at the Municipal stadium in Beirut.

The first ever game for the Lebanese national team was in 1934 at the Beirut Muncipal Stadium against Altak (???) from Romania, which ended in a 0-0 draw. The team that day was Sargisian, Loino, goalkeeper Tanous Bakazi, Adil Sidani, Sabih, Abu Shala, Saioun, Janoun, Jacque Shehab, Labib Majdalani, Anwar Pierre, and the rest striker Emile Nassar, Ahmed Jumaa, Husseini, captain Salah Falah, Malkonian, Tourous, Raafit. (Number of players is very unclear)

The first game with Syria was in 1939 at the Habib Abu Shala Stadium and ended 5-4 to Syria. Labib Majdalani, Saifaddin Sidani and Emile Nassar 2 scored the goals. The same year the team traveled to Damascus to play a match at the Barada stadium in a game refereed by Syrian international referee Adam Mashnuk, and ended in a 6-1 win to Beirut, with goals from Labib Majdalani 3, Emile Nassar (2) and Ahmed Jumaa. These games were played between Damascus XI and Beirut XI selections.

An unoffical Iraq national team (representing the ministry of Education) toured Lebanon and Syria, playing several club sides and Syria and Lebanon national teams in 1944. Not much is known about this tour, but Iraq lost 1-4 in Beirut; in 1945, Iraq beat Lebanon 4-1 in Baghdad. The Iraqi coach was Englishman George Raynor (later coach of Sweden, Lazio, Juventus, and several other clubs).

Lebanon - Early Results

Beirut XI

      1935 Beirut   Beirut XI      0-2 First Vienna FC
      1936 Beirut   Beirut XI      0-1 France (Military) 
      1939 Beirut   Beirut         2-1 Damascus
      1939 Damascus Damascus       1-6 Beirut
      1947 Beirut   Beirut         5-1 Damascus
      1947 Damascus Damascus       1-3 Beirut
      1952 Beirut   Beirut         0-1 Damascus
      1952 Damascus Damascus       8-2 Beirut
      1953 Damascus Damascus       1-0 Beirut
      1953 Beirut   Beirut         2-2 Damascus
      1954 Beirut   Beirut         3-1 Damascus
      1954 Damascus Damascus       5-1 Beirut
      1956 Beirut   Beirut         2-0 Damascus
      1956 Damascus Damascus       1-2 Beirut
      1959 Damascus Damascus       4-1 Beirut
      1959 Beirut   Beirut         2-1 Damascus
      1963 Beirut   Beirut         2-1 Damascus    [16-6-63]
      1963 Damascus Damascus       0-0 Beirut      [21-6-63]

various other Lebanon representative matches

1954 Arab Military Championship (Damascus Exhibition Championship)
      1954 Damascus Lebanon        3-7 Iraq
                      Mardek Chabarian 3; Nassir "Chiko" Yousef 5
      1954 Damascus Lebanon        2-5 Syria
                      Mardek Chabarian, Levon Altonian

23.01.1955 Beirut   Lebanon        2-3 Bulgaria
                      Mardek Chabarian, Joseph Abu Murad; Todor Diev,
                      Georgi Dimitrov, Dimitar Milanov
                    Lebanon: Samih Shatela, Samik, Yousef Yemout, Manuel
                      Altonian, Emile Salih, Metri Shouiti, Fawzi Kanj, 
                      Yousef Hani, Kamal Shatela, Joseph Abu Murad,
                      Mardek Chabarian, Levon Altonian.

29.02.1956 Beirut   Lebanon        1-4 Hungary
                      Mardek Chabarian; Sándor Kocsis, Peter Palotas, 
                     Ferenc Puskás (2)
NB: the idea of bringing the Hungarian team to Lebanon came after LFA 
    President Azzat Al-Tark and vice-president Khalil Helmi saw the 
    Hungarians play in Cairo for a friendly game against Egypt in 1954, 
    with the Hungarians winning 3-0. The LFA President met with the head 
    of the Hungarian delegation requesting to play a friendly game in 
    Beirut, and two years later the team arrived in Lebanon to play two 
    Lebanon Squad: 
    GK: Samih Shatela (Al-Nejmah), Mohammed Chahine (Shabibe Mazraa), 
        Dekran (Homentmen)
    DF: Yousef Yamout (Al-Nejmah), Samek (Homenmen), Eli Salih (Racing
        Club), Manuel Altonian (Homentmen).
    MF: Fawzi Kanj (Racing Club), Aris (Homenmen), Joseph Abu Murad
        (Racing Club), Kamil Shatela (Al-Nejmah).
    FW: Mardek Chabarian (Homenmen), Levon Altonian (Homentmen), Robert
        Shehada (Shabibe Mazraa)
    coach: Joseph Nalbandian, former keeper of Lebanon, Homentamen, 
           Nahda and Helmi Sport
    The Hungarians also played the Beirut Select XI winning 6-0;
    in their match in Damascus against Syrian club Al-Jaish they won
    4-0 with a hat-trick from Ferenc Puskas and one from Sándor Kocsis.

      1957          Dynamo Moscow  7-1 Lebanon
                      Mardek Chabarian
      1957          Lebanon        1-0 Energia Flacara Ploiesti
                      (opening game at Sports City Stadium)
                      Joseph Abu Murad
      1957          Greece (Mil.)  1-3 Lebanon
                      Levon Altonian, Mardek Chabarian, Robert Shehada. 
      1957          Leipzig        4-3 Lebanon
                      Levon Altonian 2, Joseph Abu Murad
      1957          Bulgaria (B)   0-1 Lebanon 
                      Joseph Abu Murad
      1957          Spartak Trnava 2-2 Lebanon
                      Mardek Chabarian, Samek

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