Liberia (Cups) 2009

LFA Knock-Out Competition 2009

Round 1 [started Sep 23]
Tony FC                 1-5 Mighty Electrons
MC Breweries            2-0 Aliance FC
Jasmine Rangers         1-1 Mighty Blue Diamond     [Diamond on pen]
NPA Anchors             awd Exodus                  [Exodus dns]
Mighty Blue Angel       awd Millenium               [Millenium dns]
Devereux FC              -  Vinton Pros
LISCR FC                2-2 Diamond FC              [LISCR on pen]
Mighty Barrolle         awd Georgian FC             [Georgian dns] 
Invincible Eleven       bt  International Black Star    
Watanga FC              bt  Al pro
FC AK  Liberia          bt  New Georgia Pirates
USA FC                  bt  Fatu FC
Black Star              bt  72nd FC
BYC                     bt  Green Pastures
Adorence FC             lt  ROZA FC
Survivors               lt  LTC Satellite 
LPRC Oilers             bt  Manding Jallah
UMC Roots               bt  Police Blue Angel
Gedi & Sons             bt  Young Pro
Jubilee FC               -  Karn United

Round 2 
[Sep 29]
Mighty Barrolle         1-1 LISCR FC                [4-3 pen]
Watanga FC              0-1 Invincible Eleven
FC AK Liberia           2-1 USA FC
[Oct 1]
Mighty Electrons        2-3 MC Breweries
[Oct 3]
Black Stars FC          lt  Barack Young Controllers (BYC)
Roza FC                 lt  LTC Satellite     
LPRC Oilers             bt  UMC Roots  
[Oct 4]
BYC                     5-2 LTC Satellite 
[Oct 6]
Gedi & Sons             1-1 LPRC Oilers              [3-4 pen]
[Oct 8]
Mighty Barrole          1-1 Monrovia Club Breweries  [10-9 pen]
BYC                     2-0 Invincible Eleven
  [Matthew Dede 15, Andrew Swaray 75]
[Oct 9]
Mighty Barrolle         abd  LPRC Oilers             [abandoned at 0-0 in 90'
                                                      due to darkness]
Semifinal Replay [Oct 10]
Mighty Barrolle         awd LPRC Oilers              [awarded to Oilers]
  [Mighty Barolle showed with 7 players, 2 of whom claimed injury
   at the moment the match was started]

Final [Oct 21]
BYC                     1-0 LPRC Oilers 
  [Samuel G. Thompson 28]

LISCR Cup 2009
[Feb 25]
Jasmine Rangers         3-2 Watanga FC
LISCRF FC               3-1 Invincible Eleven
[Feb 26]
Black Star              2-0 LPRC Oilers
  [Sengbeh Kennedy, James Soto Roberts]
Mighty Barrolle          -  Devereux FC

Final [Mar 1]
Jasmine Rangers         3-2 Black Star
  [Gus Totimeh 1-0, Freeman Mulbah 32pen, Forkpa Waniyou 63;
   Sengbe Kennedy 1-1, Sorsor Jeke 54]

Liberia County Cup 2009
NB: wins count for 4 points

Group A
[Dec 12]
Bomi                       0-3 Margibi
Maryland                   0-3 Margibi
[Dec 13]
Maryland                   2-0 Bomi
[Dec 22]
Montserrado                1-2 Bomi
[Jan 3]
Montserrado                2-0 Maryland
Group B
[Dec 12]
Nimba                      1-1 Grand Gedeh
[date ?]
RiverGee                   1-0 Grand Cape Mount
[Jan 3]
Grand Cape Mount           0-0 Grand Gedeh
Nimba                      2-1 River Gee
[date ?]
Grand Gedeh                w/o Grand Cape Mount     [Cape Mount used ineligible
                                                     player, originally 1-1]
Group C
[Dec 12]
Lofa                       1-2 River Cess
First                      1-1 Gbarpolu
[Dec 13]
Gbarpolu                   1-1 River Cess
[Dec 19]
Gbarpolu                   2-0 Lofa
Group D
[Dec 12]
Grand Kru                  0-0 Bong
[Dec 13]
Sinoe                      1-2 Grand Bassa
[Dec 23]
Grand Bassa                3-2 Grand Kru
[Jan 3]
Grand Bassa                1-1 Bong
[Jan 10]
Bong                       1-0 Margibi              [aet]
Nimba                      2-0 Lofa
[Jan 11]
Grand Gedeh                bt  Gbarpolu
Montserrado                lt  Grand Bassa 

Semifinals [Jan 13]
Grand Gedeh                1-1 Grand Bassa          [4-2 pen]
Nimba                      1-0 Bong

Third Place Match [Jan 17]
Bong                       0-0 Grand Bassa          [5-3 pen]

Final [Jan 17, SKD Sports Complex, Paynesville; att: 35,000]
Nimba                      2-0 Grand Gedeh
  [Sailee Kanneh 38, Prince Kamae 92]

NB: Nimba County won the tournament three times in succession from
    1977 to 1979

Sports Writers of Liberia [SWAL] Tournament 2009/10

NB: best out of three tournament.
[Dec 29]
Liberian Foreign Based     2-2 LFA All Star
  [Ben Martins 1-0, Francis Grand Pa Doe 2-0;
   Queenjay Continanta, Freeman Mulbah]
[Dec 31]
LFA All Star               2-1 Liberian Foreign Based
  [Joseph Kelee Hina (pen) 1-0, Sam Andrews 2-0;
   Francis GrandPa Doe (pen) 2-1] 
[Jan 2]
Liberian Foreign Based     3-1 LFA All Star
  [Ben Martins (2), Isaac Pupo; Andrew Foday Swaray 0-1]


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