Liberia - List of Foundation Dates

1934         Great Bame FC (Buchanan City)                                     [dissolved]
1940         Iron United (Clay Ashland)                                        [merged 1943 with Monrovia Bombers to Invincible Eleven Majestics FA]   
1940         Monrovia Bombers                                                  [merged 1943 with Iron United to Invincible Eleven Majestics FA] 
1943    May  Invincible Eleven Majestics FA (Monrovia)                         [in May; merger of Iron United and Monrovia Bombers}
1954         Bo Rangers FC (Bo City)
1956         Gbehzon Impregnable Eleven (Buchanan City)                        [dissolved]    
1963         Greater Atina FC (Harper City)
1964         Mighty Barrolle SA (Monrovia)
1967         St Joseph Warriors FC (New Kru Town)
196?         LPRC Oilers FC (Monrovia)
1975          Monrovia Club Breweries FC
1980 15-Mar  Monrovia Black Star FC                                      
1980 19-Mar  Junior Professional FC (Monrovia)          
1982         Supreme Star FC (Monrovia)           
1983         Sinkor Defenders FC (Monrovia)
1991 14-Nov  Devereux FC (Logan Town)     
1992         Monrovia FC                                                       [founded as Mark Professionals]  
1993         Gardnersville FC                                                  [founded as Haja FC]
1995 24-Aug  Liberia International Shipping & Corporate Registry FC (Monrovia) [founded as Barcelona]
1997 24-Dec  Watanga FC 
1997         Barrack Young Controller FC (Monrovia)
1997         Gardnersville FC (Monrovia)                                       [feeder team to LISCR FC]
1997         Small Town FC (Logan Town) 
1997         Mighty Blue Angel (New Georgia, Monrovia)
1999         BUSA FC
2002         African Star
2004         Red Lions FC (Kakata)                                             [founded as Fatu FC]
2005 10-Jul  Nimba FC (Ganta)
2005         Club Bassa (Monrovia)
2005         Keitrace FC (Monrovia) 
2006         Unity FC (Mango Town)
2006         Dioh FC (Monrovia) 
2006         Jacqui FC (Harper City)
2007         Tycoon FC
2008 16-Mar  Muscat FC (Paynesville)
2008         Jubilee FC (Monrovia) 
2008         FZ Azziz Kara (Monrovia)                                          [founded as Mark Professionals]
2009         FC Fassell (Monrovia)
2009         Pepper FC (Bardnesville)
2010 26-Jul  Stages FC (Monrovia) 
2010         Samira FC (Sinkor, Monrovia)
2010         Zubah United FC (Monrovia)
2011         Freeport FC
2011         Future Lonestar FC 
2011         Nimba United FC (Sanniquellie)
2012         Robertson FC (Paynesville)
2012         Cece United FC (Monrovia)
2013         River Cess FC (Cestos City)
2014 20-Feb  Soul Clinic Blue Angel FC     
2015 16-Apr  Fuan Fuan FC  
2015         Junior United FC (Gardnersville)
2015         Allmighty FC (Ganta)
2016         Chester United FC (Monrovia)
2016    Oct  GILBA FC (Buchanan)
2016         Habiba FC (Paynesville) 
2016         Young Boys United FC (Paynesville) 
2017         Harper City FC  
2018    May  Samera FC 
2019         Paul FC 

Women Club Foundation Dates

1999 20-Dec  World Girls FC (Monrovia)
2005 24-Feb  Determine Girls FC (Monrovia)

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