Lipton Challenge Cup

Trophy organised by sir Thomas Lipton betweeen the most important clubs of Sicily and Campania (Southern Italy). Palermo FBC were the definitive winners of this Cup.

1909: Naples FC
1910: Palermo FBC
1911: Naples FC
1912: Palermo FBC
1913: Palermo FBC
1914: Palermo FBC
1915: Palermo FBC ?

1909: Naples

Palermo-Naples 2-4

1910: Palermo [Probably this year the cup was dedicated to 50th Garibaldi Arrival Anniversary; other sources says that this was another tournament] 13.05.1910 Palermo FBC-Messina FC 9-0 13.05.1910 Audax Palermo-Lazio 0-7 13.05.1910 Naples-Messina FC 5-0 14.05.1910 Palermo FBC-Lazio 2-1 [Palermo FBC-Naples 4-1] ?
1911: Naples Palermo-Naples 1-2
1912: Palermo __.04.1912: Palermo FBC-Garibaldi Messina SG 3-1 __.04.1912: Palermo FBC-Naples 5-0 or 6-0
1913: Palermo [Manie Rosanero and Web Rosanero have two different information: the first tells the story of a final match between Palermo and Naples, the second relates about three final matches, Internazionale-Palermo 1-0, Palermo-Internazionale 3-1, Palermo-Internazionale 5-0. In any case, Palermo were the winner. We report Manie Rosanero's version.] Naples-Internazionale Napoli 4-0 [Palermo, Notarbartolo Stadium, 23 Mar 1913] Palermo FBC-Naples 5-0 Palermo FootBall Club: Ribolla, V.Colombo, Frigerio, Tabone, E.Barbera, Hawthorne, Morra, Schimicci, Turner, Amoroso, Wood. Naples FootBall Club: Cavalli, Garozzo, Del Pezzo, Coscia I, Hansen, Doder, Bruschini, Thornsteinsson, Troie, Coscia II, Pasquali.
1914: Palermo Palermo-Naples 2-1
1915: Palermo ? [The existance of this edition of Lipton Cup isn't sure: Almanacco Illustrato del Calcio Panini agrees, Web Rosanero doesn't agree].

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