Macao - List of Champions

NB: nearly no data available until 1984, although a league existed for several decades before.

1949    Polícia de Segurança Pública
1950-72   not known
1973    Polícia de Segurança Pública
1974-84   not known
1984/85 Wa Seng 
1985/86 Hap Kuan
1986/87 Hap Kuan
1987/88 Wa Seng
1988/89 Hap Kuan
1989/90 Hap Kuan
1990/91 Sporting de Macau 
1991/92 GD Lam Pak
1992/93 Leng Ngan
1993/94 GD Lam Pak
1994/95 GD Artilheiros
1995/96 GD Artilheiros
1996/97 GD Lam Pak
1997/98 GD Lam Pak
1998/99 GD Lam Pak
1999/00 Polícia de Segurança Pública
2000/01 GD Lam Pak
2001/02 Monte Carlo
2002/03 Monte Carlo
2003/04 Monte Carlo
2004/05 Polícia de Segurança Pública
2005/06 GD Lam Pak
2006/07 GD Lam Pak
2007/08 Monte Carlo
2008/09 GD Lam Pak
2009/10 Windsor Arch Ka I       
2010/11 Windsor Arch Ka I       
2011/12 Windsor Arch Ka I       
2012/13 Monte Carlo
2013/14 Casa do Sport Lisboa e Benfica
2014/15 Casa do Sport Lisboa e Benfica
2015/16 Casa do Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Number of Titles (32; since 1984/85)

 9 GD Lam Pak

 5 Monte Carlo

 4 Hap Kuan

 3 Casa do Sport Lisboa e Benfica
   Windsor Arch Ka I (now called Tak Chun Ka I)

 2 GD Artilheiros
   Polícia de Segurança Pública (without titles before 1984)
   Wa Seng 

 1 Leng Ngan
   Sporting de Macau 

NB: according to Macau Hoje, Lam Pak's title in 2007 was only their fifth;
    however, the same paper listed their 2009 title as their ninth, implying
    all championships of Lam Pak are listed above.
    Monte Carlo won 5 championships, all listed above.

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