Macao - List of Lower Level Champions

2a Divisão

2004/05 Kin Chong
2005/06   not known (Vong Chiu or Keong Sai)
2006/07 Cycle
2007/08 Artilheiros
2008/09 FC Porto     
2009/10 Hong Ngai  
2010/11 Kuan Tai 
2011/12 Chao Pak Kei
2012/13 Sporting Clube de Macau
2013/14 Casa de Portugal  
2014/15 Lo Leong          

3a Divisão

2004/05 Vong Chiu
2005/06   not known (Van Ching or Kan Fong)
2006/07   not known
2007/08 FC Porto   
2008/09 Lam Ieng     
2009/10 Chang Wai
2010/11 Lai Chi
2011/12 Ponte 48 
2012/13 Hong Lok        
2013/14 Lo Leong    
2014/15 San Kong Meng

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