European Trip of Real Madrid CF 1972

Trip of Real Madrid in Europe 1972

For more information visit: Real Madrid, la leyenda blanca (Section: Partidos)

15.08.1972	Belgrade	Ser	FK Crvena Zvezda 	Ser	Real Madrid CF	4-1 
17.08.1972	Sarajevo	Bos	FK Sarajevo		Bos	Real Madrid CF	2-2
19.08.1972	Athens		Gre	Olympiakos CFP		Gre	Real Madrid CF	1-3

*FK Crvena Zvezda (in english Red Star Belgrade)
* In 1972 Bosnia and Serbia, included in Yugosvalia.

25- 8-1972    Beograd         FK Crvena Zvezda      Ser  4-1   Real Madrid 
  (Crvena Zvezda Stadium   Referee: Chanak (SER))
  [1-0 Petrovic 22´, 1-1 Pirri 53´, 2-1 Petrovic 70´, 3-1 Novkovic 73´, 4-1 Lazarevic 82´.]
FK Crvena Zvezda: 
Muftic (Gruda 45´); Tesan, Muzurovic, Rasovic, Sijivo; Lubura, Piric, Ceric (Francevic 45´); Simic, Musemic, Petkovic.
Real Madrid: 
García Remón; Touriño, Benito, Verdugo; Pirri, Zoco; Amancio, Grosso, Santillana, Velázquez, Macanás.

17- 8-1972    Sarajevo         FK Darajevo      Bos  2-2   Real Madrid
  (Olimpic Stadium  Referee: Strmecki (BOS))
  [0-1 Aguilar 31´, 0-2 Pirri 36´, 1-2 Rasovic 41´, 2-2 Piric 80´.]
FK Sarajevo: 
Muftic (Gruda 45´); Tesan, Muzurovic, Sijivo; Lubura, Rasovic; Simic, Piric, Musemic, Ceric (Francevic 45´), Petkovic.
Real Madrid: 
García Remón; Touriño (José Luis 45´), Benito, Zoco, Verdugo; Pirri (Andrés 45´), Velázquez, Grossso; Amancio, Santillana, Aguilar.

19- 8-1972    Athens         Olympiakos CFP   Gre  0-2   Real Madrid
 (Karaiskai Stadium  Referee: Zlatanos (GRE))
 [0-1 Santillana 4´, 1-1 Papadimitriou 11´ , 1-2 Santillana 47´, 1-3 Amancio 64´.]
Olimpiakos CFP: 
Poletti; Gaitatzis, Anghelis, Glezos, Pirsidis (Vasilopoulos 60´); Triantafilos, Koureas (Siokos 50´), Papadimitriou; Youtsos, Delikaris, Losanta.
Real Madrid: 
García Remón (Miguel Ángel 45´); José Luís, Benito, Verdugo, Zoco; Pirri, Velázquez (Andrés 68´), Grosso (González 45´); Amancio, Santillana, Aguilar.

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