Malawi (Second Level) 2008

Chipiku Central Region Football League fixtures

Premier Division

[Jun 14]
Dwangwa United       -  Alliance One 
Salima Town Hammers  -  Naso Stars 
Young Destroyers     -  Airborn Rangers
Robson United        -  Kamuzu Barracks 
Nsaru United         -  Mitundu United 
Appolo Forex         -  Chitedze 
[Jun 15]
Naso Stars           -  Alliance One
Dwangwa United       -  Ntchisi Boma Stars 
Adams                -  Robson United 
Mitundu United       -  Airborne Ranges
Young Destroyers     -  Salima Town Hammers
Chitedze Strikers    -  Support Battalion 
Appolo Forex         -  Madisi Medicals
Kamuzu Barracks      -  Nambuma 
[Jun 16]
Nambuma              -  Support Battalion
Nsaru                -  Adams

Top Final Ranking:

 1.Dwangwa United 
 2.Adams FC 
 3.Robson United 
 4.Salima Town Hammers 

Promoted to Super League: Dwangwa United 

Division One (3rd level)

Top Final Ranking:

 1.Mbabvi United
 2.Silver Youth
 3.Likuni FC 
 4.Mitundu United 
 5.Bad Arrows 

Arkay Plastics Southern Region Football League

Premier Division

[Jun 15]
Escom Reserves      5-0 Cobbe Barracks

[Jun 28]
Bvumbwe Research    2-1 Liwonde Medicals 
Mitole FC            -  Poly
Naming'omba          -  Chanco 
MTL Youth            -  Zomba Medicals
Escom Reserves       -  Chikwawa Medicals 
Nchalo United        -  BNC Produsac 
[Jun 29]
Escom Reserves       -  Mitole 
Naming'omba          -  Bvumbwe Research 
Liwonde Medicals    lt  MTL Youth 
Zomba Medicals       -  Chanco 
Poly                 -  BNC Produsac
Chikwawa Medicals    -  Cobbe Barracks

[Jul 19]
Liwonde Medicals    2-1 BNC Produsac
Machinga ADD        0-0 Zomba Medicals
[Jul 20]
Naming'omba         awd Mulanje United    [awarded to Naming'omba;
Bvumbwe Research    0-1 Sammy's United     Mulanje showed late]

[Aug 16]
Mangochi Medicals    -  Naming'omba
Escom Reserve       3-1 Blantyre Medicals 
Nchalo United        -  Zomba Medicals
Mitole               -  White Eagles
Chikwawa Medicals    -  Bvumbwe Research 
Cobbe Barracks       -  BNC Produsak
Chanco               -  MTL Youth
Changalume           -  Liwonde 
Machinga             -  Mulanje United 
[Aug 17]
MTL Youth            -  Mangochi Medicals 
Zomba Medicals       -  Mitole
Mulanje United       -  Nchalo United
White Eagles         -  Machinga ADD 
Liwonde Medicals     -  Blantyre Medicals 

Top of Table:

 1.Zomba Medicals
 2.Escom Reserve    5 points behind

[Aug 23]
Chikwawa Medicals    -  Blantyre Medicals 
Machinga ADD         -  Escom Reserve 
Nchalo United        -  Mitole 
White Eagles         -  Mulanje United 
Poly                 -  Zomba Medicals 
[Aug 24]
Mulanje United       -  MTL Youth
Mitole               -  Machinga ADD 
Bvumbwe Research     -  BNC Produsak 
Chikwawa Medicals    -  White Eagles 
Blantyre Medicals    -  Poly 
Liwonde Medicals     -  Naming'omba 

[Sep 6]
BNC Produsak         -  Blantyre Medicals 
White Eagles         -  MTL Youth 
Escom Reserve        -  Chancol 
Changalume Barracks  -  Zomba Medicals 
Machinga ADD         -  Poly 
[Sep 7]
Changalume Barracks  -  Bvumbwe Research 
Cobbe Barracks       -  Naming’omba 
Poly                 -  Chancol 
Chancol              -  Machinga ADD 
Liwonde Medicals     -  Mulanje United 
White Eagles         -  BNC Produsak 

[Sep 27]
Nchalo United       0-1 Cobbe Barracks

[Nov 28]
Zomba Medicals      0-0 Naming'omba
[Nov 29]
Cobbe Barracks      1-1 Machinga ADD

[Feb 7, 2009]
Escom Reserves      3-3 Cobbe Barracks 

Top of Table:

 1.Zomba Medicals                               Champions
 2.Escom Reserves        32                 71
 3.Cobbe Barracks        32                 69

[Feb 14, 2009]
Cobbe Barracks      7-2 Nchalo United 
BNC                 2-2 Changalume Barracks

[Feb 21, 2009]
Nchalo United       8-0 White Eagles

Promoted to Super League: Zomba Medicals (renamed Zomba United for 
                                          next season)

Southern Region Football League Division One (4th level)

[Feb 14, 2009]
Mitole              2-1 Liwonde Medicals 

Simama Northern Region Football League

Promoted to Super League: Nkhata Bay Medicals (renamed Nkhata Bay United
                                               for next season)


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