Maldives - Foundation Dates of Clubs

1969         Delightful Neighbors Club (Feydhoo)
1971         Victory SC (Malé)
1973  18 Nov United Victory (Malé)
1979  19 Aug New Radiant SC (Malé)  
             Club Valencia (Malé)                   
1980   3 Nov Hurriyya SC (Malé)                   
1982         Club Lagoons (Malé)
1987         VB Addu SC (Malé)                       [founded as Orchid SC] 
             Island FC (Malé)
1989         Club Eagles (Malé)
1996  23 Jan Maziya Sports & Recreation Club (Malé) 
             BG Sports Club (Malé) 
1998  19 Oct Thinadhoo Sports                        [aka GDH. Thinadhoo]
2002   2 Apr Vyansa SC (Malé)                        [aka Vilingili YSA]   
         Aug SC Velloxia (Henveiru)                  
2004  22 Sep TC Sports Club (Malé) 
             FC Cicada (Malé)
             New Star SC (Madifushi) 
             Velozia SC (Malé)
             FC Baaz (Malé)
             Club Teenage (Malé)
             TCMO (Malé)
             Galolhu SC (Malé)
             Zefrol (Malé)
             Ahlee SC (Malé)  
             Hilaaly SC (Malé?)
2005         Police Club (Malé)
             Club Stillred
2007  14 Feb SC Rivalsa               
             Club All Youth Linkage (Malé)
2008   1 Jan LT Sports Club (Malé) 
200?         Mahibadhoo Sports Club (Maabaidhoo)
2010   7 Oct Club Green Streets (Malé)
2012  23 May Club Riverside (Hinnavaru)   
2015   2 Mar Da Grande Sports Club (Malé)   
             Rock Street Sports Club (Malé) 
2015         Kumundhoo Youth FC
2016         Super United Sports (Malé) 

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